Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Better Communication

Invention of telephone is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the modern age. The invention completely changed the way the people communicated with each other. Further, developments in the field of telecommunications led to more advanced and hi-tech communication devices and equipments. Now, telephones have become an indispensable part in the life of people, whether personal or professional. Business phone systems have become a major means of communication in most of the companies and organization. These systems play a vital role in the effective communication of businesses because of their high performance, security and more number of features than any other ordinary communication devices. Almost all the advanced phone systems have the basic features of call transferring and call holding. However, some additional features can be listed as:

•Auto attendant: This feature provides automatic answering of calls and can provide routing to the desired department, so that, the caller can be routed to the correct person as quickly as possible. Since, this feature is completely automatic, answering of incoming calls and routing the calls to the desired department can be done even if the operator has gone for lunch break or is outside the office premises.

•Conferencing: Conferencing facility allows communication with multiple people simultaneously at one time. A number of callers can be added to a single conference call by transferring the incoming calls to the specific extensions.

•Call Forwarding: Business telephone system with call forwarding feature allows forwarding of calls from one extension to another. This feature also enables the forwarding of a single call to multiple users within the office premises.

•On hold Music: Music on hold feature allows playing of music when the caller is on hold. This feature can also be customized and many companies and organizations put some informative and educational tips about their products and services for listening while the call is on hold.

•Voice Mail: This feature allows the callers to leave a message in the voice mail box that provides users with save and delete options. This feature is meant for tapping incoming calls, in case, the person has out or is unable to pick the call on time. Voice mail when used with DDI (direct dial in) numbers allows the calls to be directed straight to the extension without making the caller to wait for the operator or reception attending service.

•Battery Back Up: Battery back up allows the phone systems to operate even in power-cuts and failures for about an hour. The battery back-up depends upon the type of phone system, the more advanced and expensive phone system would have the better battery back-up power.

•Caller Identification: The telephone system with caller identification feature helps in tracking the calls from identified and un-identified phone numbers.

•Mobile Extension: This advanced feature helps the employees and staff of any company or organization to use their mobile phones as extension of these phone systems. The mobile phone can be used for transferring calls to other extension numbers and even dial to the other phone numbers, using the mobile with business phone line number.

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