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Branding and focussed marketing: Two vital ingredients of success in real-estate sale

What makes some projects fail while some others are successful? Is it only the cheap prices of the properties which is the main reason for the success of the projects? Do all economically priced properties sell well and all pricier ones are difficult to sell? As in other business, the success or failure of a particular project depends on how the marketing of the project has been done and to what extent a strong brand presence has been used to drive the sales of the projects. It is a general belief that expensive apartments of the nature of Diplomatic Greens by Puri builders are difficult to sell but much depends on how the values and main features of the property have been conveyed to the target customers. It shall always be remembered that effective marketing for a good product works wonders.

Identify Right Target Market and Map Property Features with It

While planning for the expensive apartments, it is vital to determine the main market of customers to which it shall cater. What segment of population would buy these flats? What kinds of features are desired by that segment? Since they would be paying far higher prices, what all values of property would be incorporated that makes these truly unique. So, complete profiling of the target customers as well as the key features of the property shall be done and these need to match exactly so as to make their sale quite easy.

Develop The Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) including Brands

For a niche segment which likes to live luxuriously, builders do need to provide these ingredients of luxury which will set them apart from the others. This could be the property design by top foreign designers and architects or the size of the flat or any other feature which could be the USPs. Care shall be taken to incorporate those USPs which are significant and unique from the others. Even the names such as Diplomatic Greens or attractive logos help in communicating these USPs.

Communication of USPs

Once the key differentiating points of the property are delineated, these need to be communicated to the right audience through the right channels and media of communication. The choice of media and method of communication is important since it develops the brand image and plays an important role in reaching the right target market.

So, while there is no denying the fact that the less costly properties have better chances of selling since these fit the budget of masses, it is wrong to assume that the luxury apartments which come with pricier tags such as Diplomatic Greens Gurgaon are difficult to sell. Much depends on how the USPs have been developed in the property and its location and how effectively have these been communicated to the right target market. It the marketing and branding exercise along with the carefully incorporated product differentiation which helps sell even the priciest of properties.

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Two motives of buying SRS Pearl floors

While thinking of buying property, there are two main motives. One is to consider this as an investment while the other is to consider it for your own living. You might ask what is the difference that these make in the buying decision of apartments such as the SRS Pearl floors? The answer is that these do make a lot of difference. The people who already have their own residences would like to buy the residences as investments for future, either as security of livelihood or for earning profits on their sale. However, those who do not own any residence would prefer to buy for their own living. Here are some of the points which highlight the differences in purchase decision.

For investment, you might well decide to buy a property which is not suitable for your own lifestyle. Or, it is in such a locality where you might not like to live. But, that could be the property which is currently falling within your budget and holds promise of giving you good returns in future. So, you buy these properties for future investment.

There are also chances that you might take a higher floor flat for investment purposes but would prefer a ground floor one for your own living. Some builders provide discounts on sale of higher floors and this might mean more savings for you. Similarly, there could be situations as well as limitations which would prompt you to differentiate between the needs of personal living and investment while selecting a particular property.

When taken as an investment, you can earn a regular rental income from the property by letting out to other people. Alternatively, the property can be sold off at high market rates in future to make profits from capital gains. These can also be gifted to your children when they grow up just like any other investment which yields returns in future.

You might even be ready to invest in an area which is not yet developed currently since the rates of properties are less. But, it might not be possible to live there due to lack of infrastructural facilities such as roads, transport, electricity and markets.

Another motive of buying properties such as the SRS Pearl floors Faridabad is for your own living or use. Naturally, these properties are searched for depending on their long term suitability for your living. Considerations of all the required facilities and location factors for the family might further be important considerations while selecting these properties.

The investors are interested merely in making profit with no real intention to use it for living. They might not wait for possession to be given to them before selling their property at a profit.

Given the two different motives which guide the purchase decision of newly coming up real-estate projects, the builders develop their market plans according to the most likely factor which will dominate the purchase behaviour of prospective customers. While some would advertise their projects as suitable investments for future, others would prefer promoting these as ideal places to live.

The different areas of BPTP Grandeura that you must know

When you go to enquire about any flat or home, you would like to know area of the said property. Prices of the properties are based on a certain area which is the total area but the living area or the space that you actually get for accommodation is a little less. Further, different areas are used to make different calculations for various purposes and therefore, it is important to know the meaning of these areas so that there is clear perception in your minds regarding these terms. Whether it is BPTP Grandeura or any other apartment or flat, there is a need to know what do different terms such as covered area, plinth area, build-up area, super built up area and carpet area, which are mentioned in their marketing brochures or other documents, mean.

Carpet area, as the name refers to, is the floor area on which the carpet could be laid by you. Please note that this is used in reference only to the floor and the walls are not included, even if some homes also have wall carpets. This is the space which is actually used by you and comprises the floor space as measured from the inner walls of the home. So, this space of BPTP Park Grandeura would exclude the walls of the home and spaces for common use such as the staircases.

Built-up area is the area which includes the carpet area as well as the walls and pillars which are present within the four walls of the home. So, this area of BPTP ParkGrandeura Faridabad is more than the carpet area.

Plinth area is another area which is most commonly used for calculating the conversion rates of leasehold property to freehold. This includes the carpet area and the thickness of inner walls and the columns.

Covered area can be simply understood as the area under the roof of the house. It is often used interchangeably with the term super built-up area. This includes the plinth area and the common spaces such as the balconies, lifts space, security space and the staircases.

The super built-up areas of the properties such as BPTP Grandeura Faridabad find mention in marketing materials of these projects and the rates are charged from the customers on the basis of super built-up area. The difference between the super built-up area and the carpet area is called call loading. Call loading is higher in those apartments which has a common entrance lobby or other such spaces. So, the super built up areas are far more in these apartments and you pay a comparatively higher price for these areas that have higher call loading.

The knowledge of these types of areas is quite common in investors. The agents shall also be able to clearly make the distinction while using these terms. This knowledge will help in improving your understanding of the living space and the saleable space of a particular property.