Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VoIP Phones

Technological breakthroughs and advanced telecom solutions have made business phone systems an effective communication tool for most of the companies and business enterprises. business phone system offers better performance and security because of its advanced features. With telecommunication devices getting smaller and economical and connectivity getting better, the significance of business phones has grown enormously in the past few years. These advanced phone systems have features like computer telephony integration applications, VoIP networking, voicemail with e-mail integration, intercom, private branch exchange system, web conferencing, IP telephony, customer databases, paging etc. Computer Telephony Integration has a number of common desktop and server based features like call information display, computer controlled automatic dailing in the form of preview dialing, power dialing and predictive dialing, data transfering, phone control system features like phone answering, phone hang up, phone conferencing, phone holding and call forwarding, automatic call routing, allowing users to login as call center agents for call handling, voice recording and advanced call reporting.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology allows voice communication and multimedia sessions possible over internet protocol networks. IP phones, VoIP software and mobile integrated VoIP systems are three types of VoIP tools which are commonly used for communication purposes. VoIP software is a cost-effective tool that not only allows inexpensive calling, but also, makes video conferencing easy. VoIP software allows web cllaing, web conferencing and voice and video instant messaging. Mobile integrated VoIP systems can make calls and send SMS text messages with the help of WiFi or 3G internet services. VoIP phone system enables routing of phone calls directly to the telephone using high speed internet connection. VoIP is considered to be one of the best communication technologies for making long distance calls at low prices. VoIP voicemail feature allows listening to phone messages by email from anywhere in the world. The features and functions of VoIP Phones vary depending upon the price, manufacturer and usability. The standard features of these phones are:

•Call Holding: It allows putting the call on hold.

•Call return: It allows making the return call, whether or not the call was answered.

•Anonymous Call rejection: It enables rejecting the incoming calls from callers whom the user does not want speak with.

•Call Waiting: It informing the user of a new call coming when the user is busy with attending another call.

•Caller ID with name: It flashes the name and number of the caller making the call.

•Canceling call waiting: This feature allows in disabling call waiting for the next or current call.

•Redialing of last number: This feature enables to redial the last number called.

•Conferencing: It allows in making a three way call with two other callers. In this way, all the three can communicate with each-other.

•Call forwarding and call blocking: It allows to automatically redirecting the incoming calls to a different number (extension number).

•Distinctive caller ring tones: This feature allows to assign different ring tones to different callers.

•Click to call: It allows setting up the contact list for better management of inbound and outbound calls.

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