Friday, June 10, 2011

An important feature of the call centre management operations

While selecting the phone systems, it is important that these are selected on the present and the projected future requirements of the business. The focus is invariably on the number of extensions to be provided, whether voice over internet protocol feature is required or not, types of functions built-in in the phones and other similar functions and features. People also consider the newly launched phone for business models against the old refurbished systems. So, there are different choices to make depending on a number of different factors.

One of the foremost applications of the modern VOIP based phones system is for the call centre management. These systems are largely responsible for the evolution of the call centre business wherein centralized telephonic services are provided for the different companies . The people are trained in the whole processes and once the training is completed, all the customer related telephonic queries are handled by the people. A phone system with VOIP functionality is what is required by these organizations for handling long distance telephonic services and effective call management. A key component of the call centre operations is the automated call distribution (ACD) system. This is the system which routes the incoming calls to those points which are not taking the calls at that moment. This is a key part since there could be hundreds or thousands of people being employed by the organizations on this work. Some of the important features of the ACD in a phone for business are the following:

1.Routing: This is the chief feature and function of the ACD. It is used to route the calls on the line to the people who are not attending to the calls at that time.

2.Reduces the call abandonment rate: There are clear statistics on the number of calls abandoned related to the number of times the phone rings. Based on these statistics, it is ensured that the calls are attended to before these are hung up. To make this possible, it is important that the calls are routed to the right person as quickly as possible. This is where ACD helps and reduces the call abandonment rate.

3.Possibility of administering the phones system from different places: This is quite a beneficial feature of this service since it allows you to have intuitive web based management from off site location.

4.Wall board facility: This is the facility which helps you monitor the real time call centre activity. It displays the information as and when it happens through out the call centre.

5.Call recording: This phone system functionality is used for ensuring greater security and to maintain call quality. This comes with the call storage as well as retrieval options.

6.Multiple queuing facility: This phone for business also has the facility of managing more than one queue of calls from the customers.

So, the automated call distribution system has a number of distinctive features which can be used by this phone system.

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