Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How We Can Use The Benefits Of Office Phone System

With telecommunication devices getting smaller and economical and connectivity getting better, the significance of mobile telephony has grown enormously in the past few years. Many service providers offer cheap phone service like low prices, better service and other additional features which has revolutionized the telecommunication industry world over. When choosing cheap phone service, few important considerations should be taken into account:

•The most important thing you should consider before taking up the services of any telecom service provider are the call rates they are offering to you. Calls can be charged on per minute or per second basis. It depends upon the usage, what would you like to choose between either plan. Also, if you make too many international calls, then you might find an economical plan with low international calling rates. So, a through research should be done in order to get the most appropriate phone service deal.

•The other important aspect of any cheap phone service is the reception or connectivity. You can ask from other people about the reception services of any particular service provider, provided that they too are using the same services. Also, you can read the reviews of the people posted on the internet about any telecom company to get a better idea of the services they are offering. If you are a frequent traveler, then getting good roaming plan is an important value addition service.

•Try to avail the festive offer plans introduced by various telecom companies. You can get good offers at discounted rates, but, keep a check on the validity of the plans as well.

Apart from the cheap services offered by many telecom companies, many business phone system companies also offer hi-tech phone system at very economical prices. These phone systems have advanced features like PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, paging, intercom, voicemail with e-mail integration, automated attendant, WiFi enabled, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) multi-site networking, web conferencing, customer databases, IP telephony etc.

Office phone system is specially designed for a professional business environment in which multiple users use and share the same phone line rather than having individual telephones. These systems are installed at offices, buildings and within the company or organization. Using office phone system over independent phone lines has numerous advantages like easy communication, security, decreasing expenditures and easy setup. There are several types of office phone systems available in the market for small, medium and enterprise level business set-ups. These phone systems can be differentiated on the basis of features and prices.

The more advanced featured phone systems will be more expensive and the less featured will be comparatively economical. Important features like PBX telephone system is used in medium and big companies and makes the users share a common phone line for communicating with each-other and making calls outside as well. Other features like CTI system is used to connect the existing telephone system to a computer, a computer network or additional telephone system and incoming calls can be automatically retrieved.

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