Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Automation Systems

With the advancement in technology, the automation has played an important role in making our daily lives easier and our routine work convenient. In general terms, automation is the use of control systems and information technology to make the human work easier or reducing the human working effort in the production of goods and services. Medical processes such as electrocardiography or radiography and laboratory analysis of human genes, cells or tissues are carried out at much greater speed and accuracy by Automation systems . Automation has a big impact on a number of industries where it not only speed up the process of production but it also helps in maintaining accuracy during manufacturing . Communication has become easier with automation. With just a click of a button, you can instantly send and receive messages to your friends, family or other known people via e-mail. We can send and receive instant messages using different communication devices. The main advantages of automation are replacement of human operators in tasks that involve hard physical or monotonous work, performing the tasks that are beyond human capabilities of size, weight, speed, endurance, etc and replacment of humans for dangerous tasks (space, fire, volcanoes, nuclear facilities, underwater, etc).

Automation systems are also meant for security and surveillance purposes. These systems make sure that the installed security system is strong enough to stop any kind of infringement in the restricted or regulated areas. These automation systems are also used in corporate offices, shopping malls, public places like airports, railway stations, bus terminals, military establishments etc. Apart from surveillance, these systems are also used for attendance recorder, hotel locks, access control systems, fire detection and prevention system. Some of these advanced systems are:

•Smart Card Based Attendance and Access Control Systems
• Face Recognition Systems
•Vehicle Access Control Systems
•Access Control Gates and Locking system
•CCTV Surveillance Cameras
•IP cameras
•IR/ Day Night Cameras
•Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
•Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
•Fence/Perimeter Protection security systems
•Audio/Video-Door Phone security systems
•EAS(Anti Shop Lifting System)
•Smart Key Lock Management Systems for Hotels
•Global Positioning Systems
•Wired and wireless security systems

Home automations mean making appliances and devices to work in an automatic manner by controlling it remotely. The instant connectivity and remote access is availed through internet and all electronic devices in your home can be activated with the help of a secured password protected website. Home automation includes centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, appliances, integration of electrical devices and other security systems. improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Home control automated system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other.The devices are connected through a computer network and controlled by a personal computer or allow remote access from the internet . The integration of information technology with home appliances and devices results in convenience, energy efficiency, and safety benefits. Home automation systems can be accessed over the internet no matter where you are.

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