Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lasik surgery benefits

Lasik surgery is the latest technique for operating on eyes to give correct vision. This technique is most effective for a number of common eye related problems like astigmatism, myopia and far-sightedness. People who have been used to wearing glasses for long, especially the ones carrying high numbers, can now heave a sigh of relief since this technique of laser surgery can help them get rid of their glasses, or at least, get their numbers reduced significantly. This means that you will switch over to lighter glasses, which will put lesser burden on your nose.

Lasik Surgery Vs Contact Lenses

This method of vision correction surgery can also be a good alternative to the contact lenses. Though contact lenses are themselves considered to be quite good alternatives to the glasses since these do not change your physical appearance and presentation and wearing them looks natural, these have their own set of disadvantages. These are prone to the risks of infection. Wearing these can be quite irritating as well. These also need good amount of care and upkeep. Laser Eye surgery is better than the contact lenses since it can minimize the risks of infections.

Main considerations

Neither contact lenses nor the glasses involve operating on the eye. Lenses can at best be placed on the surface of the eye whereas the glasses are even more distantly situated, on your nose. But, lasik surgery is actually an operation on the eye. Any changes that can occur due to it will be the permanent changes. So, this vision correction surgery, done by the highly expert eye surgeon, brings permanent visibility to the person.

Though this laser eye surgery has also been reported with some complications as well, this is largely due to the inept handling of the operation procedures. By using the services of an expert, you can get the benefits to outweigh the shortcomings.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Some of the main benefits of this surgery procedure are given below:

1.Overall improvement of vision: This is a limitation of using the glasses that the field of vision that is improved is limited. With lasik surgery the improvement in vision is total field of view.
2.More precision vision improvement than the glasses or contact lenses.
3.Capable of correcting lower and higher level aberrations, resulting in improvement of the vision.
4.Immediate improvement in vision as soon as the procedure is performed. This is like getting a new life for those who had been living the life of low vision for quite sometime now.
5.More career opportunities: If you have not been rendered eligible for some of the career options earlier due to vision related problems, like in military or police departments, you can get hold of your dream ambition once again by getting operated with this laser surgery procedure. So, this allows for having more expandable career opportunities to pursue.

Clearly, the benefits are there to seek. But, only perfectly expert hands shall be used for performing this vision correction surgery.

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