Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Phone systems

When it comes to buying business phone systems there are a range of options to choose from. The choice invariably has to be made on the company brand, the model and whether you need a new system or an old one can do. All boils down to your precise requirements. When it comes to determining what the precise requirements are, you need to consider following points:

1.Number of employees: As a rule of thumb, more are the number of employees more is the requirement of extension lines connecting them. But, this could be a false assumption since not all types of employees may be required to be on exclusive lines. May be it is one department that needs a line. So, number of employees as well as their precise needs require to be factored in.

2.Nature of calls: Whether your business has more of incoming calls or the outgoing calls can also determine what type of systems you need. More inbound calls could mean that you might need to set up multiple incoming lines which can be directed to customer service representatives. On the other hand, more outgoing calls need to be explored in greater detail. Where are most of these call made could be crucial in deciding what type of business telephone systems you need? If it is more of long distance calling that is done, you might need phone systems having the VOIP functionality.

3.Nature of business: This also goes a long way in determining what type of business phone system need to be used. If you need to have employees in the field for most of the time, then you might not need centralized business phone systems. Instead, you might need to give them mobiles with internet connectivity and VOIP functionality to reduce the costs of communicating substantially.

4.Old or new systems: What is wrong is getting an old but refurbished system for your needs? This might save you quite a big chunk of money. Small businesses might find having a look at resellers shop worth the money. It is important to check for the various functions. It is also good if the resellers are offering the warranties or guarantees on these products.

5.Growth rate: You would certainly not like to be doing shopping for phone systems every year. You would like this one time investment to be providing you benefits for at least a couple of years. The growth rate of business can indicate what all communication facilities would be required in next few years. Based on this assessment, you might consider buying the right model now.

Every business would like to reduce its operating costs by better planning and management of operations. Reducing telephone bill costs is very much possible if careful choice of the business telephone systems is made on the basis of precise requirements of present and foreseeable future. So, take your time and be prudent and rational in making the choice of the right system.

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