Sunday, May 15, 2011

Information About MP3 Player

When it comes to hearing about the mp3 players, mp3 files or about the much famed iPods, what superficially crosses our mind is that these are some music devices which can store good amount of music. While that is true, it is very common understanding. Let us get a little deeper to gain a much better understanding. You know that you have got the file formats of different types in computers, like .doc, .txt, .pdf, .avi and many others. Each of these files format represents one particular type of file which has specific features. Mp3 is actually a file format just like any of the other ones which are mentioned above. Similarly MP3 Player can be thought of as a computer used for the playing of this file. Ipods are branded MP3 players which can store astonishing number of music, sound and video files and, at times, this can even have storage space of hundreds of CDs.

It is interesting to know how the music is stored in the files. It makes use of the concept of compression. It is very commonly understood that more is the resolution of a particular image or photo, greater is the size of the file and more space it occupies. No doubt, greater is the size occupied on the disk. MP3 is a way of compression of the files so that large volumes of the files can be stored. An mp3 file format can compress the files roughly 12 times more than the normal. This means that many of the files which are not possible to send in their original file formats using internet due to greater file size can be sent in the smaller size mp3 file format and 12 times faster as well!

MP3 Player is a mini computer which is used for playing these files. Companies like Sony and Apple are engaged in the making of these players since have found good market for themselves. People enjoy the music or video while relaxing or even while doing their tasks. These are easy to carry, can be put in pocket or be tied with the belt or even held in hand.

Even the mobile phones in your hand come with sufficient storage in GBs to enable users to store the music and video files. Apple Iphone is one of the path-breaking mobile with a number of excellent multimedia and internet connectivity features and with top class user interface. Miniaturisation of components and the compression technology has enabled creation of greater storage capacity for these files. That is why the modern phones are able to pack so much of features into one appliance. These have high resolution cameras, music players, internet connectivity through WLANs or internet service providers and, at the same time, very good storage capacity which can allow you to keep hundreds of music, video, text and other types of files.

Therefore, there is much that the modern gadgets can give you, in terms of quality as well as storage.

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