Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Business Telephone Systems

I was wondering which of the business phone systems to have for my new setup. I did not want to face the same old problems which I encountered in the previous place. With the shift in the facility to a new location, I wanted telephonic requirements sorted out well in advance. Actually, the need for the business telephone systems was necessitated because of the past experience of:

1. having no control over the employees making calls to other locations for non-business purposes,

2. Not being able to monitor the use of phone systems throughout the company, and

3. Not having the right functions and features in the systems which could have prevented the costs which were incurred due to not knowing the same.

Determined, not to make repeat the past mistakes, I decided to take my time and make the decision after doing a good bit of research. At first, I drew up the exact requirements of my organization’s phone system. How many telephone lines and their extensions are required? How frequently do we need to call outside to foreign countries? How shall the internal wiring be done so that the inter-extension connectivity can be established? Likewise, there were many others factors that were considered while ascertaining the requirements.

A good deal of market survey was undertaken to know what all models were available on the shelf which met out requirements and provided even more extended features. Price, performance, warranties and guarantees offered, durability, scalability and robustness of the systems were some of the factors which were duly kept in mind while analysing the models. Even the refurbished old business telephone systems were looked into seriously. These, too, provided the good deal with lowest prices as well as good performance and features. All the material gathered from these shops like flyers, information brochures, etc was taken back home and reviewed again.

Recourse was also taken to internet to find more materials which could help me arrive at a decision. There were many suppliers online who were willing to offer these business phone systems. We found many more model options. The best part of using internet resources was enlightening information base that we could lay our hands on. There were wonderful blog posts and articles to read on technology aspects. It was the product review sites which helped me a great deal on finding out what the customers and the experts have to say about the models. Some of the sites provided comparative analysis of the models as well on some common benchmark parameters. These independent reviews of the telephone system shed good light on some models which helped me in pruning our short-listed models list further.

Finally, based on these inputs from various source and my own thought about the good business phone system, I bought one which could be relevant not just for meeting present needs but also for a few years ahead and there were positive feedbacks about this model.

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