Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blu Ray Disks And Player

Change of and advancement in the technology of consumer electronics has never stopped or reached saturation. Continued research by the scientists has led to the development of newer instruments or devices with loaded features, improved functionality and better user experiences. This has also been the case with the optical storage devices like the CDs/DVDs. When one were thinking that the high definition DVDs are one of the greatest feats of the modern times and that these are going to stay here for sometime to come, the Blu-Ray disks came to the forefront as further improvements over the previous HD DVDs.

Blu-ray disks are a more compact version of the DVDs. These are able to store much more data and are more scalable as well. These are called so because the blue laser is used to read the data. This allows the data to be stored on this optical storage device in a more compact way. The blu-ray players are the devices which are used to read the video formats on these disks. The choice or selection of blu ray player would depend on whether you have a compatible HD TV as well or not. While having a HDTV is not a necessary condition for using these, there is definitely better quality output that can be had using the HDTV. Also, you will be requiring the HDMI connecting cables between the player and the TV. Most of the movies currently are being recorded on these modern optical storage devices, in the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is also the standard aspect ratio for the HD TV screens. Therefore, if you are viewing these on standard definition TV, it may not appear in full screen mode.

Some of the main features of these devices which can be derived by reading the blu ray reviews are given below:

1.High storage capacity: These can store up to 50 GB of data which is almost five times the storage capacity of the SD DVDs.

2.High definition support: It provides support for the full 1920*1080 pixel resolution levels, the highest for best quality video production.

3.Surround sound: This brings out the sounds in full clarity. Uncompressed sounds are delivered.

4.Faster data transfer rate: There is a difference of almost four times in the data transfer rate between it and the SD DVD.

5.Compatibility with the SD DVDs as well as CDs is another notable feature.

6.Resistance to scratches. This is another improvement over the traditional optical storage media. Earlier, there were problems of scratches on there devices since the data was stored very close to the surface. With coating technology these problems have been reduced considerably.

There is often a need for the blu ray player to play the MP3 CDs. This is distinctly possible with the recent blu ray player which come with quality converters. It is important to note that the blu ray CDs can be played only on blu ray players, not on DVD players. The MP3 players are available in different formats and can be used for playing both the audio and video files.

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