Friday, April 8, 2011


There is always a debate on whether the new products are better than the older ones. Since the technology had advanced, there is definitely more to argue in favour of this argument, than against it. This debate has been ranging for all times and for all the things that are new. The people who are averse to change, at least till the point that the new things become very common and the old ones are near to be discarded, will habitually compare the new with the old. One such comparison has been that of the display devices like the TV.

TV technology has undergone considerable change. This has made a considerable impact on the size, design and the shape of the TVs, not to speak of its numerous new features and functions. The movement of the TV technology from the CRT to the tube-less LCD TV has been quite a long one, considering the pace of the subsequent technology changes. From CRT to LCD, the TVs have become slimmer, thinner, flatter and easy to carry. Not that the CRT ones have been thrown into oblivion but only that their sales have been taken over by the LCD TV sales a few years back. This obviously means that people are fast changing the track and coming on the new, supposedly better display technology. Since the CRT TV does not have depth and can be really slim, it means that these are more practical to be used, attached to the walls, kept on the cabinets and even made into the home theatres.

The LED TV is a further improvement of the technology. From LCD to the LED, the change brought about by the change in the backlighting device gives the users a better viewing experience. The contrast ratios are better, the display screens become wider, the TVs become even thinner, viewing from greater side angles is possible and there is some improvement in the power consumption also. Despite these advantages these have not been able to beat the LCDs because, being a new technology, the LEDs are prohibitively costlier for common people. Further, the LED TV generally come in wider screens, much bigger in size than the normal LCD TVs. This also limits their practical, daily use.

Companies like Sony are devising ways and means to bring down the costs of the LED TVs. The companies at the forefront of the technological research in the consumer electronics always keep in mind the practicality and the utility of the new devices which are developed by them. The companies continuously keep bringing in better innovations and the pace of these innovations is so high that the moment one technology is seen and understood by the common man, the new one comes up to replace it. This is quite evident that while the LCD TV has taken over the CRT TV in global sales volume now, the LED is yet to establish itself completely in the home and offices of the people, the new technology SED TV is knocking on the doors. There are many parallel running technological changes as well, like the plasma TV, OLED TV and others, from which the users can make a choice.

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