Saturday, March 19, 2011

VOIP services redefine the way people communicate with telephones

Voice over Internet protocol mode of communication makes use of the packets of information to be transferred from one place to another, riding on the internet cables. This mode of communication is quick, inexpensive as well as multi-modal in nature and has distinct advantages when compared with the other PSTN network based telephonic communication. There is one requirement of the internet connection, which is a pre-requisite for this mode of communication to be successful. So, in theory and also in practice, wherever you have an internet connection, you can very well make and take calls from any other person using the VOIP services.

This essentially means that the voice over IP calls can be made using your computer by using software for the same. The software allows you to make, forward, divert, keep on hold and auto-attend the calls; send the files of different types as well as the instant and the short messages; and, even make the video calls as well as conference calls using the same. Besides these, the advanced software used in the computers can also help you manage the calls within the organization. This voice over IP technology can be used with the centralised PBX systems to help manage the telephonic communication better.

Besides the computers, the internet facility can be had in the mobiles as well. This internet facility is provided by the internet service provider and is wireless technology which is used for the same. The software is downloaded into the mobiles of the people who are using them and then the same is used to make the calls from one place to another. The same mobile platform for the VOIP services can also be used for making the video calls between the two people as well.

People also use instruments of the VOIP phones along with the computer systems for ease of communication. They can perform all the normal functions of the computer based VOIP phone using these instruments. The use of this telephonic communication has been the most prevalent in the international long distance calling. This is because this communication is relatively inexpensive. The people, having the account with the same service provider can in fact communicate free of cost. There are no issues of quality either, though the same can be dependent on a number of other factors, most prominent being the bandwidth of the internet connection.

Some of the businesses have benefitted particularly by this voice over IP . The call centres are one such business and this service has been used by them to outsource their business processes for cheaper rates. The businesses who need to call frequently to distant places, or the organizations who need to interact with their branches at different and distant locations make use of this service to make cheaper calls. The organisations can also provide the mobile VOIP phones to the salespeople for the purpose of communication while they are out on in the field.

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