Sunday, March 27, 2011

Set top Boxes

If you notice some sort of a box placed on or near to a TV and connected to it, then it is most likely to be set top box. The set top boxes are the devices which are used to receive an external source of signal and to convert it into the content that can be displayed on the television. The consumer electronics manufacturing companies provide these set top boxes to the customers along with the TVs or these can even be bought from the third parties.

There could be many sources which could be providing the signal to these boxes. This can be an Ethernet cable which is used to connect with the internet. Even the satellite dish TV antennas could be providing the input signals directly from the satellite source. Similarly, the normal telephone line including the DSL connection could also be used for this purpose, providing the input signals. The broadband line too can be connected. The Set Top Boxes which are used for this conversion process, create content in the form of video, audio, interactive games, internet web pages and other types of content.

Hybrid Internet Protocol TV Set-top Boxes

With the increase in the demand for the IPTVs since the last decade, there is a growing market for the hybrid set top boxes. These are the boxes which are meant for the pay-based as well as freely aired signals. These are called hybrid because these can be used both for the traditional TV broadcast from terrestrial or satellite sources as well as from the internet content like the videos.
With the advancement of technology, these have also been configured to have advanced features by the Consumer Electronics majors to enable the providing of the various internet based services like the video telephony, surveillance, shopping, gaming and some others. These

Professional STBs

It is to be noted that there are two types of these boxes. One is meant for use by the consumers while some others are to be used for more professional applications. Some of the electronic audio-video display appliances might also be using the integrated receivers and decoders which are more robust to be used in the field instead of at the homes. The chief difference between the consumer and the professional ones is that latter are capable of producing the output of even the uncompressed SDI signals. The audio and video industry makes use of these boxes for professional uses since these do have copyright norms to be taken care of.

These days, you can even get the wireless STBs which can find connectivity from different sources without wires. So, you will have a complete wireless entertainment experience on your IPTV using the Netgear Wireless Routers and the wireless Set Top Boxes. This can greatly help in reducing the wire-clutter of the homes and offices even while the high quality entertainment can be had from different media-internet, terrestrial or even the satellite.

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