Thursday, March 17, 2011

Modern car entertainment systems

People like to entertain themselves in different ways. The most common means of entertainment are, though, the audio-visual media. Whether it is the music system or the television at home or office, or the mobile phone based MP3 Player being used to listen to the music, there is no dearth of the resources used by the people for entertaining purposes. The consumer electronics majors focus a lot on providing the entertainment-enabling features within the devices which, in turn, can be used in different places.

You can use the iPod mp3 player while you are on a walk, or jogging in the park or doing other activities. You can even have the most modern theatre system at home to experience the thrill and excitement of the big screen cinema at home. And, if you do not stay very often at home or office but are, most of the time, traveling in the car, you can take the entertainment right inside the car. Some decades back, the cars used to feature only the audio systems comprising the tape-record player and the speakers as the only means of entertainment, whereas the present day Car Entertainment systems comprise of the audio CD players along with the LED TVs installed inside the cars.

Consumer Electronics majors have, over a period of time, been able to produce miniature entertainment products even as improving the basic features and functions of these devices. The customization in the designs of LED TVs and other products has been done to provide the car entertainment. So, you have the mini-LED TVs which can be fixed on the inside ceiling of the car. Similarly, the same can be fixed in the headrest so that the passenger sitting behind can view their favorite movies or programs. You might think that these are good only for those people who seat at the back seats. There is nothing much for the front seaters except for seeing the drive ahead. The companies making these products usually avoid the distractions to the driver while driving and therefore, generally, they do not place any entertainment for the front seaters. But, there are dash-board car entertainment systems comprising of the videos which can be used for the occasional viewing of the same. Even the front-seaters can have some sort of entertainment without distracting the drivers.

The installation of these systems depends on the capability of the car to take the power. Since these systems consume less power, these can be installed in most of the passenger cars. You can find these in the personal cars as well as the tourist cars of all makes. Another thing to take note of is the wiring. The wiring shall be done by the expert electricians and it shall not affect the inside aesthetics of the car. Also, the Speakers shall be installed in a way to provide the best acoustic experience of the audio as well as the high quality picture resolution.

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