Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mobile VOIP telephony brings a new revolution

There have been three landmark technological developments which have set the revolution going in the information, entertainment and communication fields. It is a convergence driven by the zeros and the ones and this is called a technological convergence driven by the digital revolution. One common thing binds all the different audio-visual and other electronic devices together and this is the digital technology being used in all these devices. Another notable development in the technological change is that there is an increasing movement away from the wired devices to the wireless devices and their interconnectivity through the wireless medium. The Cordless Phone is the example of wireless connectivity seen quite commonly. Even more common is the use of mobile. The third important development has been the emergence of internet and the vast improvements in its ability to carry the data of all types like audio, video, text and the images. The use of the now common VOIP technology has enabled the long distance telephony to be made without incurring much cost.

The modern day Hi Fi telephony using the VOIP technology Voip PBX systems to manage their telephonic communications in a better way. The same can be used for managing multiple tasks, like call diverting, routing, forwarding, sending emails , faxes, instant messages, SMS messages ad many others. There is now an increasing trend towards the PBX systems being hosted is some other location where its maintenance responsibility is given to a third party.

The leading telephone manufacturing companies of the world as well as the networking companies like the Netgear have been introducing the newer phones which are designed for use with the VOIP technology. The new range of cordless phone allows you to move around the space even as you handle international calls. The leading Voice over Internet Protocol service providers have been redesigning their software so that the same can be used in the mobiles for internet telephony purposes. The mobiles can operate in the presence of an internet connection either from Wireless Local Area Network (WLANs) or from the telephony service provider.
You can connect with your mobile on a video chat with the other person and even take a conference call on it.

These hi fi systems employing the VOIP technology are the examples of the progress made in the instrumentation and software applications development. The accompanying progress has also been made in the accessories for these instruments to deliver crystal clear audibility and the perfect picture quality.

Mobile VOIP telephony

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