Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eye Laser Treatment: A new ray of hope for correcting the eye problems.

Eyes make you see the colourful world. However, there are a number of problems of eyes which affect the vision of a person and require medical attention. The nature of treatment could involve the prescription of medicine to intake, the liquid or gel to be embalmed on the eyes as well as the surgical measures to do the corrections for the vision. There are many good advances in the treatment of the eye problems through surgery. Special mention can be made of the very effective technique of the eye laser treatment, or the lasik eye surgery.

This is a type of refractive surgery performed by the ophthalmologists using the lasers. This technique is most commonly used for correcting the myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism problems of the eyes. Some of the most common benefits of this eye laser treatment are the following:

1.Corrective eyewear in form of glasses or lenses can be done away with. The lasik eye surgery has been found to be highly effective in cases of people wearing the high number glasses. After this surgery the number of power of the glasses can be altogether removed or considerably reduced. So, they no longer have to be extremely careful about the upkeep of their glasses or the lenses.

2.Get the immediate results: This is the most important benefit of the Lasik Eye surgery that you can immediately get the clear vision. In fact, the patients can experience dramatic improvements in the vision within a day of the operation.

After this treatment, if you do not still need glasses, then you can easily go for different types of career choices from which you were earlier forbidden for lack of adequate vision. There is a lot of operational efficiency and even the motivation and morale levels become quite high. Actually, you get a new found life. The self confidence levels are increased.

Alongwith these advantages there are some complaints which are normally associated with this eye laser treatment. These are the following:

1.Dry Eye
2.Problems of over- and under-correction
3.Light sensitivity
4.Induced astigmatism
5.Appearance of halos, and, some other complications.

It is recommended that the medicines shall be taken and the eye drops be used continuously as per the doctor’s advice and the same shall not be discontinued after sometime by oneself. Regular visitations to the lasik laser clinic shall be done so that any problem can be taken note of quite early and proper medication can follow. The success rate of this surgery is quite good and it is permanent in nature. There can also be a placement of the intra-ocular multi-focal lenses so that the sight issues are resolved permanently.

It is important to go to a very experienced and reputed eye laser clinic, since there are many mushrooming nowadays. Also, if it goes wrong, it can cause damage to the eye as well. Therefore, only very good hands shall take care of the same.

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