Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trust, but Verify the Claims of Property Dealers in Faridabad

When you venture out to see properties in a particular area, you would invariably be meeting the property dealers. A dealer acts as an independent intermediary from where you can gain the knowledge about properties on sale. It is always a good measure to meet a few dealers and do not be in a hurry to buy the property till the time you have seen all the available options. The same process of selecting the property is also true for Faridabad, which is witnessing unprecedented growth of realty sector. As a result a number of property dealers in Faridabad can be found dotting the land spaces. Though you would expect the dealers to be independent and providing true and correct information, it might be wrong to begin searching for property from this idealistic assumption. There could be many who would actually be misleading you. In that scenario, the best approach is to verify the claims of dealers.

Some of the ways in which this can be done are:

1. Approach quite a few dealers in a locality: There are good chance that they might be knowing each other and the ones whom you have visited in past might come to know that you have also approached others, but you shall do this exercise in order to verify the claims of dealers. Being in the same locality is important because the dealers in other localities might not be having a good idea of the Faridabad property of other localities.

2. Cross Question dealers: Do not hesitate to cross-question the agents against the inconsistency of information that you get from the different dealers in locality. Check out whether they agree to or refute the information. All this while, you can keep using your reason to determine who is saying the correct thing for a particular property.

3. Seek clarifications from Faridabad property owners: Sometimes it is distinctly possible that the dealers might not be in the know of latest information about a property. For instance, there might have been some property which was disputed in past but that might have been resolved now. This clarification can be obtained at best from the owner or occupant of the property. Sometimes the property dealers in Faridabad might intentionally circulate wrong information about the property which can be refuted either by other dealers or by owners.

4. Keep your rationale: By keeping your own rationale, you would be able to remain judgmental about what is being told to you and will be able to determine the right course of action including the selection of the right property dealers in Faridabad. You need to judge them on facts and consistency of claims made by them about the properties and the builders.