Monday, February 25, 2013

Facts and Rationale of Greater Faridabad Property Development Plans

For those who are not much aware of the realty sector potential of the Greater Faridabad region, here are some quick facts regarding its proposed development plans:

1.As per the projections of the population in the city of Faridabad, it is estimated that it will reach 42 lakhs by 2031 from the current level of 18 lakhs. This means that the planning for the city and the newly developing region of Greater Faridabad has to take into account this almost 2.5 fold increase in population which is expected to happen in the next 20 odd years. For this reason, the development of residential property in Neharpar area has been oriented towards the middle and upper middle income group.

2.Currently, there are about 100 sectors in the Faridabad regions which are expected to increase to 171 by 2031. But, most of these new sectors will be developed on the basis of cluster housing projects of low rise, mid-level rise and high rise apartments. The commercial, institutional, industrial and other types of real-estate will also be developed in proportionate measure in order to provide a modern living surrounding to the people.

3.BPTP is the largest builder in the region having about 1700 acres of land where it 70 odd projects of varied types are coming up. Its Parklands region is spread to 12 sectors and it aims to provide saleable area of around 78 million square feet. The group is developing diversified realty in the region. About 100 acres of land is devoted to the development of school, social clubs and dispensaries. Besides BPTP there are famous builders like Omaxe, Piyush, SRS, Shiv Sai, KLJ and many others who are having their various projects in the area.

4. Development of infrastructure facilities has been planned as per the expected population pressure on the resources of the town by the year 2031. Provision for wide roads, metro-rail link, sewage disposal, electricity and water supply and other provisions have been done keeping these factors in mind.

5. The Agra-Gurgaon Canal is planned to have about four to five new bridges. In fact HUDA has already begun work on three of these. This is expected to reduce the commuting time to the city.

6. 1800 acres of land has been given for the development of Industrial Model Township (IMT). This would be the third such IMT being developed by HSIIDC in Faridabad and has been planned to take advantage of the opportunities opened with the development of the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor.

As these projects complete over a period of time, Faridabad-Gurgaon-Noida will be the troika of the most modern cities close of Delhi.

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