Sunday, December 30, 2012

The charm of living in the independent floors

The real-estate market has been constantly evolving in India. As the development process picks up and the new market segments evolve, having their own set of niche requirements, the property market takes shape as per the evolving demand patterns. Only a few decades back, the concept of living in the multi-storey apartments looked alien to most of the people. The same has now become the trend. Similarly, there has been emerging demand of living in safe and secure environs of gated communities having low density of population. Thus, the low-rise independent floors took shape.

Further, as the disposable incomes of people have grown, even the multi-storey ultra-luxury apartments and independent floors have also come up. In such variants of properties, it is the independent floors, of the type being developed by SRS Pearl Floors, that hold special importance and charm. At first, the living area of these units is just the same as that of a floor of a standard house. So, these units are usually developed in two and three BHK configuration. SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad are developed on floor sizes of 180 and 250 square yards, which is also the common plot area of independent homes. So, there is not much of difference in the space for living except that the other neighbours might be unknown to you. The builders who develop these floors observe uniformity in construction, so the other floors are just like yours. There is no difference in the area utilization or material used in the construction. All floors look alike in a single project.

Since there are less number of neighbour and no lateral neighbours, you definitely have more privacy than living in flats or apartments. Further, you have more resources at your disposal in an independent floor which is low-raise. These provide the opportunity to the people to have the same feel of lifestyle as is there in an independent home and that too at affordable prices. An independent home costs significantly higher than the flats and there is a segment of population which is not able to buy independent homes but also does not want to live in the relatively congested neighbourhoods of flats or apartments.

Independent floors like the SRS Pearl Floors meet these requirements exclusive yet affordable living of this segment of population. By being within a gated and bounded complex, these ensure that there is better security and upkeep of the living areas. Further, within the complex, there are common resources like parks, recreational centers, party lawns, sporting facilities and many others to be shared only by the members and the residents of these floors and not by the outsiders. The enhanced social interaction among the members also makes living here quite inclusive.