Friday, December 28, 2012

Gated Residential Habitations: Pros and Cons

The trend of living in a gated and duly manned residential complex is no longer new in the Delhi NCR region. Whether it is the residential apartment blocks of a project or the whole integrated townships, there is an increasing trend of creating the boundary wall and providing the gated entrances and exits, thereby meeting the needs of security as well as closely knit society of the people. This trend, also visible in the upcoming projects of the Greater Faridabad region, such as the SRS Royal Hills, is a far cry from the earlier (may be two decades back) open societies which were not confined to the boundary walls and neither had entrance and exit gates with due security checks.

This trend is here to stay because of a number of positive features. At first, there is definite better security and access control due to fixed number of entry and exit points and that too being gated and guarded round the clock. This provides better assurances of safety to the residents. The womenfolk, kids and the elderly, the most vulnerable age groups, can remain safe and secure due to the strict implementation of an array of security measures. The kids can play around in the parks freely. Secondly, most of the gated-security complexes also have shopping centres, bank ATMs and a medical shop within the complex which obviates the need for venturing out for these basic amenities. Third, the beautiful landscaped spaces and the many facilities of recreation provided in the society, such as at SRS Royal Hills Faridabad, help you achieve the modern living standards of the international level.

Though these are the clear benefits, there are certain cons as well. You might feel that your life has largely got confined to a small area. Seeing the same things again and again, without having much flexibility and options, might get frustrating as well. Since the interaction with the people outside the society is almost negligible, especially for the residents who remain at home only, there can even be improper personality development as you remain out of sync with the outside realities. While these societies provide the close-knit interactions within the members of the society, the residents might not be as comfortable with the people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Further, there are problems associated with the management and the differences of opinion over many matters can come up.

However, despite these problems, the overwhelming benefits lead to the widespread development of the gated communities which reassure the residents of their security.