Sunday, October 21, 2012

How are SRS Pearl FLoors Different From the BPTP Park floors Faridabad?

The independent floors can be sold and purchased in the Faridabad and Greater Faridabad region since the State government has allowed the independent registration of these floors. Earlier, there was a ban on the registration of independent floors but this ban been lifted, giving the owners the opportunity to have a clear title to the property. BPTP and SRS are two of the many players who are developing the residential and commercial projects in the Greater Faridabad area. Here are some important difference in the products of SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad and the BPTP:

1. BPTP is offering the independent floors of 2 and 3 BHK whereas the SRS is offering only the 3 BHK independent floors. So, in this respect, BPTP has more variety to offer than SRS.

2. BPTP has 2 variants of 2 BHK floors: ground plus 3 floors and ground plus 5 floors in areal expanse of 1170 and 1045 square feet. It also has 3 BHK in ground plus 3 variation with each unit of 1414 square feet area. On the other hand, SRS has only 3 BHK apartments which it offers in ground plus 3 variation in two areal expanses of 180 square yards (1620 square feet) and 250 square yards (2250 square feet). This makes even the lowest area 3 BHK offerings from SRS more spacious than the similar offering from BPTP.

3. At the time of writing this article, the BPTP Park independent floors were open for booking but the booking of the SRS Pearl Floors has been completed and these are available only for resale now. Possession of BPTP is expected in 2012 whereas that of SRS is expected in 2013. This means that the SRS has been able to sell its units faster than the BPTP as compared with the stipulated time of possession.

4. There is an elevator between the two adjacent blocks of SRS Pearl Floors but there is no such provision in the BPTP apartments. Many observers point out that presence of elevator between the two adjacent blocks of independent floors in SRS Pearl takes away their essential character and these are not independent floors in the strict sense of the term. The developers contend this with the argument that since these floors are developed on a separate plot of land and there is no connectivity or common approach between the two adjacent floors, these are practically two different sets of floors.

SRS group has diversified interests in real estate in Faridabad and has multifarious development experience in the realty sector. It has set up food courts, multiplexes and shopping malls, besides the residential projects in the Greater Faridabad, thus having experience in shopping, entertainment, residential and dining segments of the real estate business.