Friday, October 19, 2012

Securing a Residential Society

Security is one of the main reasons why people prefer to live in the societies. Even the well-off people who could have easily bought independent homes, prefer to stay in societies since they feel that these are more secure. The gated residential complexes of the type of Ansal Crown Heights Faridabad, have certain features which enthuse the confidence of living in a secure society to the prospective buyers. Some of these features are listed below:

1. High boundary walls and barbed wires: High boundary walls prevent the outsiders from peeping into the society or even for scaling it with ulterior motives. Since too high walls might look odd, there is usually a practice to put the barbed wires on the boundary wall in order to prevent the unwarranted entry.

2. Trained and experienced security staff in adequate numbers at society gates: It is very important to have experienced and well trained people at the security gates which are courteous and firm to the people at the same time. These shall be present in good numbers on the security gates since it acts as visible deterrent to the elements who have mala-fide intentions. These people shall be trained on identifying the suspicious looking elements trying to seek entry, shall be well-versed with the use of modern security equipment and be physically strong and mentally agile to be able to detect anything going wrong in the society.

3. CCTV video recording systems for continuous monitoring: CCTV videos provide continued monitoring and surveillance facility, keeping track of happenings around. These shall be carefully placed at strategic locations so that the whole complex is covered. Ideally, their placement shall not be told to the residents but it is difficult to do this in practice.

4. Maintenance of daily attendance register for visitors and for home workers or repairs and maintenance staff: In order to record the movement of the people in and out of the society, separate registers are maintained for the visitors, workers and even for the cars of the residents. There are well established rules and principles of their duties which they are required to follow.

5. Telecom facility for visitor identification: The entry and exit gates have the telecom facility in societies like Ansal Crown Heights which are used for identification purpose of the visitors before they are allowed entry or exit from the society.

6. Access control systems at entry gates: Further, at the unit level, there could be access control systems installed which do not permit unauthorised entry into the household. Currently, not many societies have installed these for each of the household. What type additional locking and security systems are to be installed is left to the discretion of the households.