Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why some projects sell faster than the others?

Certain areas are developed as the centers of group housing societies where a number of builders set up their projects. These project are initiated at different points of time but some achieve sales faster than the others. While the early beginning advantage lies with them, there could be a number of other factors which see quick sales of apartments in one society as compared with the others. Some of these points are summarised below:

1. Brand value of the builder: People do by the brand name of the builder. A reputed brand name would obviously mean less hassles, quality construction with the benefit of experience and more choices of projects to opt from. Top brands are considered safe for investments and the resale of their units is also better than the resale of other players.

2. Price and Location Factors: Another important reason for achieving faster sales of some projects is the reasonableness of prices and good location, such as that of the Ferrous Heights Faridabad. If the location is not good, the people would be reluctant to buy the flats. Similarly, the more expensive apartments would mean shrinked market segment which is achieve slow sale.

3. Features and Amenities: What are the facilities and amenities which you would get at these projects and at these prices? Naturally, the project which will have more facilities within the same price levels is likely to see quicker sale. Naturally, most of the residential projects which come up alongside one another shall match their features and amenities with one another and no project can afford to ignore these and provide lesser amenities which the others are providing.

4. Unique Selling or Distinctive Factors: It has been seen in the recent times that some of the projects are still open for booking even though the others which began during the same time have been able to achieve complete sell-out of their units. This could be so because the customers do not find anything new in a project. Ideally, a project shall try to develop some sort of distinctiveness which appeals to the buyers for its aesthetics or utility. The ones are not sold-out might be missing on those crucial distinction creating factors.

5. Marketing Acumen: Precisely how is the project being marketed and how sustained are the marketing efforts, makes a big difference to the the project sales. Advertisements, channel development and other offline and online marketing efforts make a big difference to the project sales.

6. Customer Satisfaction: If the past experience of the customers with the builder is good and they are totally satisfied, they would be willing to invest in more projects from the builder. This continued relationship is further strengthened by the viral publicity which the customers can do for the builder project. The more satisfied is the customer, the greater are his or her chances of bringing more customers to your doorsteps.

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