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BPTP Projects in Greater Faridabad

BPTP includes major real-estate projects in the Greater Faridabad in significant Faridabad vicinity, adjacent an industrial township of Faridabad and Greater Noida. Several of the big projects of BPTP in this region and its benefits are listed below:

1.Discovery Park, Sector-80:- This is usually an exceptional thought considering that it is conceptualised keeping small children under consideration. The goal is to give all of these conveniences to the small children which they wish for. Hence, there are actually amusement parks, your rock-climbing divider, badminton courts, swimming and various these open-air benefits which have been to your noticing of your small children. This is 2Bhk plus 3 BHK Project.

2.Park 81, Sector 81:-This is certainly another remarkable project of BPTP where in houses are designed on Moroccan designer. These are low rise condos, which have been made in ground and two floor layout.

3.Park Arena, Sector-80:- Once more, This is surely an exclusive conception which provides generous groundwork, having actively playing golf putting range, practicing tennis academy, swimming pools, basketball game courts, gym plus spa.

4.Park Elite Floors: - The following project definitely goes through three popular market sectors of Parklands region of Greater Faridabad Sector- 75, 82 and 85. The following project is generated for any mid-income set people and it is constructed in ground-plus-two formats using 3 plus 4 bed room variations.

5.Park Elite Premium: - This project is exactly same kind of Elite Floors with additional all lavish amenities.

6.Park Floors I, Sector-77:- This is another low raise project BPTP Park Floors I which includes two formats of ground plus 3 and ground plus 5. This project is situated very near to forthcoming retail and commercial project. The next door in sector 76 defining it as in close proximity to next finest location.

7.Park Floor II, Sector-76:- BPTP Park Floor II is developed in exactly same style as Park Floor I project.

8.Park Grandeura, Sector 82:- BPTP Grandeura is a multi-storey residentia

l project of BPTP which also includes industrial complex within periphery. Even transport for the residents is also provided.

9.Parklands Pride, Sector-77:-This is a township within greater township of parklands. This is the gated online community lifestyle project where locals are now living in groups, utilizing their homes developed alongside periphery with massive amusement parks and also grass lawns. It has the leisurely pub can be world-class spa plus snug, excellent eating out places to eat, pools and various comforts.

10.Villas, Sector 88:-The following project has become one of the fewest projects in Neharpar region which are having 1 Bhk and residential units along with 2 and 3Bhk. Main focus is for personal privacy part.

11.Princess Park, Sector 86:- This project is usually a group housing project which is having12 towers includes 14 to 19 floors apartments.

12.Convenience Commercial Plots: - These are typically disseminating in the several market sectors of Parklands projects.

13.Park Central, Block-D, Sector-85:-This is usually a commercial and retail centre spread out to about 1. 5 acres which has 168 shops and 90 official spaces which is going to give business a high level experience of working and shopping.

14.The Next Door, Sector-76, U-Block:- This is certainly a commercial plus office project which is spread over 1.73 acres of area and having 232 units. Nearness to Faridabad plus communities of Parklands region presents it as a strategically planned area.

15.The Deck, Sector 82:- This is a great unique duplex residential unit which is having 30 units. It is filled up with all the amenities like swimming pool, gym, spa, club and juice bar.

Most Common Documents To Check For Property Purchase

One of the most important things to do for buying property is to examine the completeness and genuineness of all the documents. Since the real life is beset with a number of complicating situations and add to it the complexities of a multitude of laws and bylaws, the documentation work of properties becomes quite a tedious task. However, the knowledge of all the necessary documents and their legal importance shall be known to the home buyers as well as the people associated with the property business.

Title Deeds (Registration documents, Power of Attorney, Conversion Deeds for Freehold Property)

You need to check where there is clear title to the property or not. The Registry done at the court is the conclusive proof of the ownership of the property. All people who are named in the property as owners shall agree to the sale of the property and shall be willing to sign the documents of transfer of title. In certain cases, the people tend to avoid the registration of properties due to heavy stamp duty rates prevalent in the area. In these situations the transfer of property is done on the Power of Attorney. If this practice continues for long, this becomes a convention and is deals are held sacrosanct by the parties. However, it shall be noted that Power of Attorney is no conclusive proof of the title of the property in the eyes of law.

Another document which shall be checked is the Conversion Deed which converts the leasehold property into a freehold one. Most of the modern housing projects offer the freehold spaces to the people.

It is quite common for people to take the home loan for their properties. So, if you are buying the property from any other person, you shall check whether the loan has been taken or not. This is typically the case when the original Registration documents are not available. Further, there is a need to check that the property is free from all encumbrances.

An important point to check while examining the title is that there shall be a continuous chain of buyers of the buyers if it has been sold many times over. Allotment letters, possession letters, occupancy letters, transfer letters and other documents from concerned authorities after each stage of construction shall be present in original


Receipts of Taxes and Bills
All dues of the government and other bodies or persons shall be checked to ascertain whether these are clear or not. The owner must have the latest bills paid of the property tax, water and electricity bills and other such dues. If these are not cleared at the time of negotiations, these shall be cleared by the time the possession is taken on making the final payment.

These are some of the most common documents which shall be checked. There could be different complications in the property transaction from case to case. A person shall have a full knowledge of the importance of documents, their legal tenability and shall be capable of using his rationale on practical grounds to determine whether a property has clear title or not. Normally, the experienced property dealers know all documents and are experienced in meeting any issues in complex documentary deals.

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