Sunday, August 12, 2012

A brief history of the SRS group and its major projects

When it comes to listing of those buider groups who have retained a regional focus and have become successful, challenging the might of the national level players, then SRS group of Faridabad will probably find the mention at the top few entries of the list. SRS is a diversified business group which has interests and investments in real estate, including the housing, entertainment and retail sectors. With focus essentially in the Faridabad and the Greater Faridaba region, the only other place where its projects are coming up is Kurushetra. It is interesting to note that the beginnings of this group were not in this business segment to begin with. Here is a brief synopsis of how it actually came into existence.

The company which we today know as the SRS group was first a finance company, way back in 1990 and its name was Bansla Finlease Ltd. After a gap of about seven years and with considerable consolidation of the finance business it diversified into an altogether different business segment of edible oils and tea. In these businesses, its main thrust area is the manufacturing and export of these two commodities. The business in these commodities is done in the name of two companies, BTL Industries Ltd and BTL Commercial Ltd. These two companies also became famous as BTL group and saw tremendous growth for the next couple of years.

After three years, buoyed by the success of past endeavours and understanding the wants of the consumers, it took the major step to foray into the real estate business with focus on retail, food court and cinemas. This was in keeping of the needs of the customers and in line with the emerging trends. This is what paved the way for the formation of a new company, which we now famously know as the SRS Entertainment and Retail Ltd. In 2004, the first project of the company was launched in the city centre of Faridabad as SRS multiplex.

With the initiation of this business, SRS took further leaps into the real estate business and developed more projects, venturing into the housing sector. SRS Royal Hills Faridabad and SRS Residency are two of its projects in the upcoming Greater Faridabad region where many other builders are also having their projects. Both of these are the 2/3 BHK apartments, with the Residency project having bigger areas of apartments than the Royal Hills project. Besides the Greater Faridabad region, another area where its project is coming up is Kurukshetra. In Kurukshtra, it is not developing the apartments but is offering plots of various sizes in sale, ranging from 300 sq yard to more than 650 yards.

SRS has been a story of developing businesses in sync with what the customers want. By working in niche segments and focussing on the main features and reputation developed over a period of time, it has been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with national level players in real estate.

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