Sunday, December 30, 2012

The charm of living in the independent floors

The real-estate market has been constantly evolving in India. As the development process picks up and the new market segments evolve, having their own set of niche requirements, the property market takes shape as per the evolving demand patterns. Only a few decades back, the concept of living in the multi-storey apartments looked alien to most of the people. The same has now become the trend. Similarly, there has been emerging demand of living in safe and secure environs of gated communities having low density of population. Thus, the low-rise independent floors took shape.

Further, as the disposable incomes of people have grown, even the multi-storey ultra-luxury apartments and independent floors have also come up. In such variants of properties, it is the independent floors, of the type being developed by SRS Pearl Floors, that hold special importance and charm. At first, the living area of these units is just the same as that of a floor of a standard house. So, these units are usually developed in two and three BHK configuration. SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad are developed on floor sizes of 180 and 250 square yards, which is also the common plot area of independent homes. So, there is not much of difference in the space for living except that the other neighbours might be unknown to you. The builders who develop these floors observe uniformity in construction, so the other floors are just like yours. There is no difference in the area utilization or material used in the construction. All floors look alike in a single project.

Since there are less number of neighbour and no lateral neighbours, you definitely have more privacy than living in flats or apartments. Further, you have more resources at your disposal in an independent floor which is low-raise. These provide the opportunity to the people to have the same feel of lifestyle as is there in an independent home and that too at affordable prices. An independent home costs significantly higher than the flats and there is a segment of population which is not able to buy independent homes but also does not want to live in the relatively congested neighbourhoods of flats or apartments.

Independent floors like the SRS Pearl Floors meet these requirements exclusive yet affordable living of this segment of population. By being within a gated and bounded complex, these ensure that there is better security and upkeep of the living areas. Further, within the complex, there are common resources like parks, recreational centers, party lawns, sporting facilities and many others to be shared only by the members and the residents of these floors and not by the outsiders. The enhanced social interaction among the members also makes living here quite inclusive.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gated Residential Habitations: Pros and Cons

The trend of living in a gated and duly manned residential complex is no longer new in the Delhi NCR region. Whether it is the residential apartment blocks of a project or the whole integrated townships, there is an increasing trend of creating the boundary wall and providing the gated entrances and exits, thereby meeting the needs of security as well as closely knit society of the people. This trend, also visible in the upcoming projects of the Greater Faridabad region, such as the SRS Royal Hills, is a far cry from the earlier (may be two decades back) open societies which were not confined to the boundary walls and neither had entrance and exit gates with due security checks.

This trend is here to stay because of a number of positive features. At first, there is definite better security and access control due to fixed number of entry and exit points and that too being gated and guarded round the clock. This provides better assurances of safety to the residents. The womenfolk, kids and the elderly, the most vulnerable age groups, can remain safe and secure due to the strict implementation of an array of security measures. The kids can play around in the parks freely. Secondly, most of the gated-security complexes also have shopping centres, bank ATMs and a medical shop within the complex which obviates the need for venturing out for these basic amenities. Third, the beautiful landscaped spaces and the many facilities of recreation provided in the society, such as at SRS Royal Hills Faridabad, help you achieve the modern living standards of the international level.

Though these are the clear benefits, there are certain cons as well. You might feel that your life has largely got confined to a small area. Seeing the same things again and again, without having much flexibility and options, might get frustrating as well. Since the interaction with the people outside the society is almost negligible, especially for the residents who remain at home only, there can even be improper personality development as you remain out of sync with the outside realities. While these societies provide the close-knit interactions within the members of the society, the residents might not be as comfortable with the people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Further, there are problems associated with the management and the differences of opinion over many matters can come up.

However, despite these problems, the overwhelming benefits lead to the widespread development of the gated communities which reassure the residents of their security.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Balconies of Residential Flats: Holding out the charm

When you go to see the residential apartments, whether constructed or under construction or even when these are still on the paper, one of the things which you would definitely notice is the balconies provided in the unit. A balcony can be considered as an open area which has a ceiling but may not be having the wall on at least one side. It is a part of the house and can be reached only from the inside of the home. Balconies hold special attraction for the home buyers as these provide the open avenues for the residents to sit out in the open spaces and in the fresh air and have an uninterrupted view of the surroundings.

For the real-estate projects such as SRS Royal Hills Faridabad, the creation of large sit-out areas in the balconies can be the unique selling proposition of the project. When people venture out to look for properties, the number of balconies provided for, the size of these balconies and the orientation or direction of the different balconies are some of the main points which are looked into. Most of the projects provide balconies with bedrooms and the living rooms. Some might even provide one with the kitchen or the dining hall. Further, there are a fixed number of balconies provided in each unit of the project, depending on the area of the unit and the number of BHK units in a living area. A particular number of balconies form an essential part of the home for good living purposes. Care is taken to provide for optimal number of balconies so as to ensure that the space is optimally utilised and there is sufficient provision for space and ventilation.

The direction of the balconies is also looked into by the buyers who want to live in units which have balconies opening up to present a view of their liking. The direction also determines the extent of sunlight which will be received by the balcony. However, it is the size of the balcony which holds special attraction. More space means that it can be used in more, different ways. You can use it for sitting out, enjoying your evenings or performing yoga routines in morning. These can even be used for putting some plants and vegetating it with greenery. The width and the length of balconies both are of significance when deciding on the right size of the balconies. Projects developers such as SRS Royal Hills, who pay special attention to this element, pay attention to the width along with the length of the balconies while developing their construction plans.

Recreational centers in New Generation Housing Societies

There were times, when there were not many flats developed, or if there were some, these were essentially low-rise flats and too few in numbers to be noticeable, In fact, these were the residential units which used to amaze us since the concept in close-packed, high-density living was not much fanciful and people were not usually inclined to living in that since there was seemingly less privacy living next door to some other family. But, changes are necessitated by galloping speed of population increase and planners and urban developers were left with no alternative but to allow high-rise buildings to be developed on the flats-based housing units.
The modern societies such as the BPTP Princess Park are built around the concepts of modern living which also means that the residents have all such amenities within the secure and safe society premises which would promote a more inclusive community based living with international standards of living. Many parameters lead to the development of this type of living, one of which is the recreational centre, which finds a place in most of the modern societies.

A recreational centre is the one which is expected to re-energize you, help you in shedding the lethargy, brings about a positive change, a feeling of freshness and rids you of the agonies and tensions. Since the center would be used by all the residents, of all demographic profiles, it shall ideally be having much for everyone to recreate, entertain, refresh and relax. So, the children can engage in a number of indoor games and sports. The young can go for the sporting and gymnasium activities such as weight training, playing pool and a number of other sports. Sports not only keep you fit and healthy but also help in character and personality development, so essential for making good citizens and human beings. The elder and the aged people also get the platform to come together for a friendly chat. The society parks can even be used for holding functions and parties.

By providing the recreation centres the modern societies clearly understand the need of recreation for the people. Since there may not be these facilities available in a newly developing area, outside of the society, these are planned to be included inside the society. for the builders, these amenities become important to provide since the people might otherwise have the problem in residing in these units which would affect their sales. So, more comprehensive and inclusive plans are developed in order to make it worthwhile to live in these societies such as BPTP Princess Park Faridabad and recreational facilities are an important part of these plans.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Important tips to remember before buying a flat or independent floor

If you are really making your mind to purchase a flat or independent house you would find these tips mentioned below are beneficial for you: 1.Visit some builder’s projects and discuss with the owner of the flat about the construction of the flat. Discuss with them about the construction quality and the tentative time they would take to completion of the work. 2.Check thoroughly last 15 years land documents, construction plan and tax paid receipts. If you think these documents are to be verified, consult with the lawyer to authenticate. 3.Always try to purchase the flat at the beginning stage of the construction as comparing with the completed one. Since you can opt for amendments in the plan like remove specific wall, go for open kitchen, and shift the entrance of one room to another, you can get the separate pooja room, store room etc. You can choose the colour of distemper and paint according to your choice.

4.Air ventilation and natural lighting are important part of any complete home. If you believe in vastu then you you have to make sure about the Vastu requirements. Check whether all the requirements are fulfilled. 5.Do check the sale agreement thoroughly. Usually 18 months grace period is allowed from the builder’s side and there is no grace period for the flat in case they are unable to hand over the flat on time they would have to pay the 4% interest to flat owners. On the other hand, if flat owner fails to pay the monthly instalment timely, he has to pay 18% interest to builder.

Hence, before signing the documents read and understand each and every aspect of the agreement. 6.If you are going for a home loan, approach 2 or 3 banks at least with the details about the EMI interest rate. Some banks may refuse and give you some valid reasons for not to give the home loan. 7.Ensure all the important things to be documented with you for instance all wood work like windows and door wood will be normal or teak wood? What quality would they give to sanitary items and kitchen sink and other fittings? Initially builders may give you assurance of so many quality things but later you would realize there is nothing as such you get what you were expecting for. 8.Make sure vitrified tile flooring is done properly. Because sometimes builders hire some unskilled labour to do that and later you will find so many flaws that you have to rework later. 9.You need to make sure about the slope of the kitchen and bathroom granite so that water does not stay at unwanted place.

 The flow of water should be smooth till the drainage. 10. Make your mind whether you want to choose chimney or ventilator fan for kitchen and get the provision for air ventilation done timely so that there is no suffocation in the environment. 11.You need to take care of the wiring system, MCB, switches and switchboard quality. Make sure these all things should be of good company. Get all the electricity fitting and wiring as per your need like if you want to install invertor later check which places you would need the invertor connection and where you just need the direct connection.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BPTP Discovery Park: Based on the theme of the children

While preparing the concept and the plans for a new residential society, the builders also take into account the main selling points of the project which need to be built so that the property can be differentiated from the others and it also facilitates the easy sale of units. The BPTP Discovery Park, a residential society based in the Greater Faridabad region, is similarly themed on the children. You would find that, in order to differentiate from the other builders, the other societies of the region are similarly themed on different aspects such as health and sports, modern lifestyle, disability friendly, etc.

It is not just that these themes are set for the namesake or for effecting easy sale of the units. Rather, these are many special considerations of design, construction, feature and amenities that go with that theme uniquely and substantially that are developed. So, for a children-themed society such as the BPTP Discovery Park Faridabad, many features are uniquely developed for the children and there are certain design modifications done keeping children in mind.

For any project to be themed successfully on children, care has to be taken to ensure that the whole project is safe and secure for children of all age groups. From the toddlers to the teenagers, the children shall have their rightful requirements met in the project. Kids need to play and it is a very important part of their physical and character development. So, a separate kids park is developed for them in the BPTP Discovery Park. Other societies also have a separate pool or pool section for the children for the refreshment of the kids.
Besides meeting their requirements to play, the societies also have the pre-nursery and nursery schools for the small kids who want to remain in the sights of their families and who need more care and security at that tender age. Having a school within the society is a big relief to the parents who want their wards to be present as close to the homes as possible. Another requirement of the kids is with respect to safety and security. This calls for taking special care in having sufficiently high walls of balconies, safety provisions for pool and sports equipment in good condition at all times. The provision of common rooms shall have enough activities for the kids to engage in. Every single element of the interior, such as fittings and fixtures, furniture (if provided by the builder), anti-skid tiles and others is carefully selected to ensure that the residents are safe and the interiors are kids-friendly.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why large parts of residential project area is left out as green space?

When you check the information brochures of any residential project of the modern times, you would find that vast areas are left out as vacant spaces. These areas could form as much as 70 to 80 percent of the total project area, meaning that the space to be utilised for the residency and recreational facilities is limited only to the 20 or 30 percent of the area. The developers market their projects by also stating the vastness of the landscaped vacant areas in their projects, among a number of other listed features. Why, after all, are these areas left out as green spaces in the projects, such as the ones coming up in the Greater Faridabad area in the most recent times?

It is true that decades back, the areas used for developing the societies like SRS Residency Faridabad was provided with parks and parking spaces but the scale of vacant spaces was not as large as the present ones. This shows a definite shift of the market demand to live in homes which are modern in outlook and feel as well as provide the necessities of modern living and the landscaped vacant spaces are one of the factors which define modern living.

There can also be a requirement of the bye laws of the state in which these projects are coming up that there shall be a certain percentage of area left out as vacant green surroundings. The government might want to leave empty spaces in the cluster living housing so that the residences are not choked to the full and resources are constrained beyond manageable limits. Thus, there vacant spaces for a vital part of the sustainable housing concept of the government so far as the resource conservation and utilisation is concerned. The government might not want to turn the regions into concrete jungles but would also prefer to provide required green spaces for freshness and reducing the impact of pollution caused due to urbane housing.

There is no doubt that these landscaped spaces provide a picturesque setting and wonderful ambience which greatly aids in mental and physical rejuvenation and refreshment. These spaces allow the residents to live in serene, beautiful surroundings which adds value to their living in the modern way, matching the standards of international living.

People also point to another reason for leaving these spaces. This relates to the need for extending the project such as SRS Residency to develop more blocks of residential units in future by the developer, after seeking the due approvals from the concerned authorities.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Neharpar societies will push up rates in Faridabad realty?

The old industrial township of Faridabad, situated on the border of south Delhi, is said to have been largely ignored on the realty development front in the past, despite its closest location to upscale shopping centres and poshest areas of south Delhi, industrial centres of and adjoining Okhla, the biggest wholesale market for computers and related hardware of Nehru Place and being en route to the hottest tourist destination of the country, the Taj Mahal. It is only when the development of all the major adjoining cities of Delhi has taken place that now Faridabad has begun to be developed with better transportation linkages to the nearby cities of Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi, development of realty on both sides of the busy Mathura Road and the newly developing region of the Neharpaar or the Greater Faridabad area.

It is believed that all these initiatives will make this city hot spot for realty investments and key role will be played by the cluster housing schemes of the type of BPTP Princess Park in this area. As the development of projects and the related infrastructural developments take place and the area becomes ready for housing a large number of people, the prices of the realty will go up in this area. Simultaneously, prices of the already established Faridabad city are also likely to rise. In fact, there are two main reasons why this will happen: One is that the price-rise will happen on its own merit and the other is that it will be the cascading effect of the price push in projects such as BPTP Princess Park Faridabad which will increase the prices.

The residential properties in Faridabad are essentially independent houses and the societies are less in number, spread out either on main Mathura Road or on the peripheral fringes of mountainous regions of this town. But, on the contrary, the Greater Faridabad area is having more clusters of group housing aimed at housing a greater density of population than the Faridabad city. Due to lesser population density and the availability of greater resources, Faridabad will be having better amenities of urban housing. Further, the metro link will cut through the Faridabad city which will be to its sole advantage, providing connectivity right to the heart of Capital city of Delhi, much to the ease of daily commuters.

Further, the new resident population will also have to use the existing government and administrative offices which will retain the pre-eminence of this city over the Greater Faridabad area.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Delivering on customer expectations: Key to the Success of Local Construction Groups

It is true that in order to grow big in the real estate market, the best way is to match the expectations of the customers and develop reliability for yourself in the market. This is also applicable for the developers or builders who could be the national players, having presence in many cities of the country, or the local players who can also be called as the budding developers for the national stage. For the local level developers, such as SRS group of Faridabad, who have focus only in a few regions, which could be in one or more adjoining cities say Faridabad and Palwal, delivering on the customer expectations is one of the mantra of success.

So, what are these customer expectations for the projects such as SRS Residency Faridabad which need to be met by these local players if they have to keep standing tall with the national level players. First important thing to do is to begin the project early. As they seek investment from the public by selling their units to them, the people might get restless if the project is not initiated in time. Secondly, the payment plans shall be made in consideration of the customer convenience. Whether it is the construction linked plan or any other, it is better to devise the plan in such a way that it looks justified and reasonable to the customers. Thirdly, the customer expects the builders to be forthright in communication and bring out the true and correct information about the project status and on the deliverables. If the local players have to compete with the bigger players who have better resources at command and good at deliverables, then the project planning and execution has to be meticulous.

So, completing the project on time shall be the ultimate concern. Fourthly, besides the commitment to deliverables it is also important to bring the quality element to the fore. Whether it is the steel and concrete framing or the delicate interior finishing, a penchant for quality will ensure that the customers do not have any hassles in accepting the possession of the flat. Fifthly, even after the project is delivered the work is not over for the developers since they must also provide after-sale service for their project such as the SRS Residency Faridabad, till the time of formation of group housing management committee to look after the society works.

So, with a complete customer focus, it is distinctly possible for local players to create a niche for themselves despite high level of competition in the field from other players. Local players are closer to the investors and, therefore, they are able to sense the requirements of the people in a better way and proceed to develop and sell the project by meeting these requirements.

Constructing Dreams: How a Builder can be searched to Form Your Home

Home is a sign of family for every individual. It is also a sign of distinctiveness and character, which is why many people wish to shape their own dream house. Different from apartments or town houses, which are built for the private persistence of having shelter, a dream house is often the kind that has a person's "personal touch". If you want to build your dream home, it is safe to assume that you already have an idea of what you want: how your house would look like, how large it would be, even what color it would be. The only trouble you might have now is how to find a builder that will make your dream realism.

You need to find a constructer that is appropriate for the job. Builders specify in different types of construction. They can either be production builders that are professionals on high volume but standard constructions (think condominiums, apartments), a semi-custom builder that follow steady plans but are elastic enough to make amendments, or custom builders that start from browse but generates consequences with a exclusive erection. Many proprietors wish semi-custom builders because they balance the non-conforming and simple thoughts. Nonetheless, if you wish to have a one type home, the custom builders can make it happen.

You can ask your local home builders overtone for a list of licensed builders. This is your first step on how to find a builder for your home. Look for a producer that you are relaxed with because you will be spending a lot of time with them. If you know someone who has built their home using a preferred home constructor, you can ask them about their knowledge with the contractor. You can also visually assess the way of a particular worker that works. Having someone refer a builder is the coolest way to contact a constant builder. If you have time or if you do not know anyone who has a modified house, you can always go for selection via interview. You can state with a builder at your own and ask him several questions connected to the house you wish to be built. Remember to ask him about his work practices and how long has he been working with modified homes. You should also select the servicer that matches your thoughts so that you can work collectively.

How to find the builder perfect for your dream home is easy if you have the right attitude. You just need to make sure that the builder you will be employing is a consistent and proficient construction manager.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Living in comfort in a group housing

Group housing societies are regulated by the provisions of the state laws developed in this respect. These are residential spaces with the confines of an area and with a centralised management committee which takes care of the management of the society as a whole. The group housing societies are a key part of the government strategy to develop the living spaces in accordance with its plan of cluster living wherein a large population is envisaged to be residing in a particular area. Greater Faridabad, Dwarka, IP Extension areas are good examples of this cluster housing in the form of group housing societies. For the customers, there a number of benefits of living in the group housing societies such as BPTP Park Arena.

Projects like BPTP Park Arena Faridabad provide this opportunity to the people to live close to each other, in an area of high population density. It enhances the people-to-people interaction and gives them an opportunity to live with mutual consultations and compromises. These also enable the people to get to know each other, especially the cultural traits, better by participating in community events and festivities. There is no doubt that there can be differences as well but this type of housing permits them to live with mutual respect without any regard to mutual disharmony.

A centralised management of the whole society, whose members are elected by the member of the society, provides the necessary administrative backbone to regulate the affairs of the society. Whether it is the matter of providing the services electricians, plumbers, cleaners for the whole society, making suitable provision for the ensuring regular water supply or providing the security to the inhabitants by various means, there is a lot of ease and comfort for the inhabitants. For most of their needs, they just need to inform the office of the management or leave a message at the main entry gate.

Another benefit of societies such as BPTP Park Arena Faridabad is that there are a number of common, modern living amenities provided to the residents. You can have the spas and the swimming pools, sporting facilities and gymnasium and a range of other facilities which can be used collectively for recreation and entertainment by the people. Even the occasional functions can be held at the society grounds at much cheaper rates, effecting major savings of money. Some might even feature a nursery and a primary school within their precincts so that the little kids can safely remain within the society. This is a major benefit for the residents since they are no longer worried about their children going to a school outside of society.

All these features provide a totally secure and comfortable living environ to the people who choose to reside in these societies.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Go About Selecting the Right Real Estate Management Agency?

Real estate, being a lifetime investment, offers long-term advantages. Therefore, if managed proficiently, it can be a great foundation of firm returns. Conversely, if not managed the right way, the things could deteriorate and you might end up having aggravated customers hitting at your door or taking legal actions against you. Most of the landowners have no idea about how to manage a property proficiently and generate maximum income from it. Also, as properties are generally situated quite far from where the owner lives, it becomes hard for him to take good care of them. Such as these, there are many other issues that stop the landlord from acquiring the benefits of his property investment.

The best way to deal with these issues is procuring the services of a reliable property management firm. These firms manage multiple properties on the behalf of landlords and aim at generating maximum revenue out of the properties. Hence, it is critical to choose a company with utmost care. Doing a bit of homework, before selecting any firm, can help you save money and avoid headaches. Though every company out there claims to offer highest returns without costing a fortune, the fact of the matter is that not all are honest when it comes to accomplishing their promises. Thus, you must know how to go about choosing the right property management company.

The goodwill and reputation of a company in the marketplace can provide you with a clear picture of what all you can expect from them. Reading about their work, taking feedback from their clients and setting up an appointment with the firm's staff can be a good start to know about a property management company. Additionally, visiting the local populace can also be of great help. A green signal by them about the firm means they are popular among the local audience for their amenities and competence. Moreover, when visiting the company that you planned to deal with, make sure to read their contract in detail. See to it that they are answerable for searching tenants, reviewing the properties of their clients often and taking the responsibility for accomplishing definite milestones.

Another critical deliberation is what the company would charge you for their services. Usually the rates charged by different companies range from five to fourteen present of monthly rental fee of a property. These rates, however, can be misleading at times. Low rates do not indicate that the property management firm is not consistent and is reciting such low rates only to attract more customers; neither do high rates show that you would get satisfactory consequences later on. It is therefore feasible not to choose a company exclusively on the basis of charges. In short, if the company holds a good repute and enjoys the assurance of its clients, then the charges should not matter. Keeping all these points in mind, choosing the right property management agency would definitely be a lot easier and faster for you.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Initial Steps - Doing Your Own Graphic Assessments of Homes for Sale

Buying a house is a vital landmark in anybody's life. It includes of a large investment of time and money. While it is a stimulating process, it is one that should not be taken informally. Irrespective of whether you are buying your first house or you are moving to a new place, there are several aspects you should keep in mind when visually inspecting homes for sale.

Even though you can sit back and hire a home inspection specialist to take a look at any prospective properties, you should always take the time to visually inspect it yourself. By doing your own investigation, you can save further time and trouble of seeing a home that needs too much work and is not worth the investment. Also, doing your own inspecting can give you important room for concession. The more knowledge you can gain about a property you are interested in, the better. By pointing out the parts of a house that need immediate repairs, you can gain a better chance of getting a better price.

When walking around the properties of homes for sale, you will want to first look for any clear cracks or leaks. If you see aplentiful amount, this is a good sign that the ceilings need to be reviewed systematically. If there's a basement, be sure to take a look. Look closely at the basement walls and floors. If you see signs of leakage and plentiful humidity, there's a good chance the house's substance needs to be fixed. If there are pools of water on the floor, you can bet that there is leakage in the house that has to be lectured. Also, ensure that there is a source that allows for proper drainage. There has to be a way for water to drain properly to prevent the basement from flooding due to excess rain or snow. If there is no basement, check to see if there is a crawl space. If so, check it for moisture as well. If you see any humidity or wetness, there may be some issues with drainage. Make sure you address the issue and factor in the cost of latent repair.
When evaluating the walls and ceilings of homes for sale, look for watermarks. Irrespective of what the walls and ceilings are made out of, if you see watermarks, there is no doubt an issue of water leaking into the foundation of the house. This should raise a major red flag, as this can open up the possibility of the presence of mold. This can cause a major health exposure, which will have to be addressed proximately if you opt to invest in the house.

Even if you do take the time to do your own assessments for potential homes for sale, you should still hire a building examiner to give the green light on the properties. A pest expert should give you their opinion as well. Both of these authorities can inform you of the impending dangers you may face currently or in the future.

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