Monday, October 29, 2012

Location of Ferrous Heights Project Faridabad and its Advantages

Properties are priced as per their location. It is the location which has direct bearing on the demand of the properties. The ones which are closer to the markets, main roads and other transportation mediums, schools and have the medical facilities close by are the ones which hold locational advantage over the others. Most often the appreciation in the prices of properties happens as the development progresses and improvements in infrastructure take place. Ferrous Heights is located at the other end of the Greater Faridabad region, away from Faridabad and closer to Noida.

Ferrous Heights lies close to the proposed expressway, on the way to Agra from Noida which will provide easy connectivity to both these cities. In fact, Sector 89 is the first sector which one encounters when coming from the Noida side and this sector is the site of Ferrous Heights Faridabad project. It also lies at the other end of the road coming from Delhi via Faridabad bye-pass road. By virtue of this location, it is appealing investment option for the people who are living in Noida and Greater Noida region. The industrial belt of these two cities can find affordable housing proposition in this region. Even the migrants to this part of the NCR can also benefit from the excellent connectivity that this place has to all the major adjoining cities.

It is a fact that the prices of the Noida region have also gone higher on account of a long period of development experienced by it, making it very difficult for the people to own or to take on rent the apartments here. Delhi is even more dearer. So, this leaves out only this region where there is a high supply of affordable apartments. By virtue of late development of this region as compared with the other areas of NCR adjoining Delhi where the prices have shot up substantially in the last one decade, this region can be called as lowly priced. And, for this reason of low price and under-realized potential, this area is attracting property genuine property buyers and financiers alike to make investments.
Another important feature of development of this region is that there are varied apartments from various builders of national and local repute. So, you can have an assortment of living options from the regular 2 BHK apartments to the luxurious penthouses with their own set of aesthetics, facilities and features. Besides the residential apartments, considerable attention has also been paid to development of commercial, institutional and other real estate projects which would be of long term use for the residents. Banks, hospitals and other public utility projects are also planned for the region. All these are expected to make this region a hotspot of activity in the years to come.

Fair Amenities at New Housing Projects Redefine Regime

Once the real estate projects had been progressive about 2 decades back , the main attentiveness had been upon meeting the real residential needs of the individuals, there was formerly the reformation area with regard to delivering eco-friendly heaven as well as meeting the actual reduction time as well as freedom necessities of the individuals. However, this particular element, although essential, had been the supplementary deliberation. Using the alter of that time period and with the comprehension that how the residents of the community is going to be living for several years therein, it has emerged on the builders to provide the much better residing sympathetic inside the society. The present pattern linked with building the actual decent infrastructure with regard to fill the entertainment as well as easy going requirements of individual’s requirement through the developers who have been getting more latest thoughts of living in their own real estate projects. BPTP Park Arena flats happen to be intended close to advantage appropriate substructure to the citizens to provide all of them a proper as well as modern-day residing.

SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad proposals tennis games courts, swimming pools, gym, health spa as well as the golf ball courts. Whereas it is not uncommon to attain the pools as well as gymnasiums within the majority of the present-day real estate projects that are meant to provide contemporary way of life features, the tennis games as well as golf ball courts are not everything that generally discovered. The explanation of providing these types of city features is actually that certain real estate project will offer complete way of life methods to its citizens because every real estate may turn as a residential society by itself also it is probably not feasible to locate or even make use of these types of features somewhere else. As the typical recreational areas as well as landscapes may be used individuals of every age range, from kids to the older individuals, the actual gym provides the advantage of including the muscle mass as well as power within teens as well as young adults. Tennis games as well as golf ball courts additional increase the outside fair deed pathways.

Apparently, the advantage of advertising a healthy body as well as entertainment by using sports activities is actually in which clients can reside energetic as well as satisfied. Getting these types of sports activities amenities inside the society additionally assists individuals to preserve period as well as bother generated when they go to the general public sports activities amenities for example stadiums. This assists individuals within positively participating in wearing action along with neighbourhood people that they might possibly not have carried out after they had been residing on its own or even from locations exactly where these types of facilities cannot be found.
However, one great constraint is that absolutely no project may announce to own total exhausting substructure. Therefore, presently there would surely be few left-outs to the prevention of a few citizens. Nevertheless, the idea of not just giving the area to the residents but additionally the actual sports facilities with regard to publicizing a healthy body is high-class within its regard.

Furthermore, it supplies a great distinctive promoting proposal to the contractors because individuals are worried about their own health and fitness plus they will be prepared to purchase the project that provides these types of features inside it is compound. Essentially the resell value of these flats rise with the help of these types of meanings which are the inclination of everybody as well as in its reputation is prominent as well as clear to understand by the purchasers.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

How not to be misled by online reviews of real-estate developers?

Looking for the right property online might take you to the web resources which are social media forums where the different people would have posted their own comments, feedback and the complaints about some real estate developer. As a buyer, it is quite natural for you to take these comments or complaints on their face value and unquestionably accept these as true. While there is no reason for not believing these inputs, you need to be prudent and practical to weigh the relevance and the reality of these inputs. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you might form a wrong opinion about a good project and do not book the apartment.
This is not to say that the feedback would be incorrect and shall be summarily rejected, it is equally wrong to assume that it is correct and does not need further investigation. After all, the online world is anonymous and the identities of the people are hidden behind the false names and fictitious profiles. These might be created deliberately, more likely at the instance of the competitors of project owners, say of BPTP Resort, to bring them a bad reputation but you need to read between the lines. How to do it?

At first, you shall check for the authenticity of the online resource which is being used for posting this type of material. What is the feedback for that particular forum? How does that forum ensure that only the genuine users are able to post the comments? What all checks and balances are used by it? One of the ways to determine this is by creating a profile for yourself and checking out what all is required to be done for creating it.

Read through the various negative reviews which are put on the online media and find if there is something factually incorrect or inconsistent or does it relate to something substantial? These are some of the things which can help you judge whether the feedback is genuine or not. If it is short on details and long on the hype, you can assume that this is not worthy of being believed.
Also, did you also check what the project owners, say BPTP Resort Faridabad, had to say in its defense? Was the defence being put up good on facts or on flimsy grounds? The nature of defense by the project owners can also drop you sufficient hints to determine their genuity.

And, if none of these satisfy you, you can always confront the builder with what is being written online by the different people. Let the builder defend itself against these arguments. You need to have a good skill of judgment to know whether the builder is right or not in its defense or not.

On your part, you need to think diligently and rationally on the points put forth by both sides, as per the facts mentioned by them, rather than having a lopsided view of these facts.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

How are SRS Pearl FLoors Different From the BPTP Park floors Faridabad?

The independent floors can be sold and purchased in the Faridabad and Greater Faridabad region since the State government has allowed the independent registration of these floors. Earlier, there was a ban on the registration of independent floors but this ban been lifted, giving the owners the opportunity to have a clear title to the property. BPTP and SRS are two of the many players who are developing the residential and commercial projects in the Greater Faridabad area. Here are some important difference in the products of SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad and the BPTP:

1. BPTP is offering the independent floors of 2 and 3 BHK whereas the SRS is offering only the 3 BHK independent floors. So, in this respect, BPTP has more variety to offer than SRS.

2. BPTP has 2 variants of 2 BHK floors: ground plus 3 floors and ground plus 5 floors in areal expanse of 1170 and 1045 square feet. It also has 3 BHK in ground plus 3 variation with each unit of 1414 square feet area. On the other hand, SRS has only 3 BHK apartments which it offers in ground plus 3 variation in two areal expanses of 180 square yards (1620 square feet) and 250 square yards (2250 square feet). This makes even the lowest area 3 BHK offerings from SRS more spacious than the similar offering from BPTP.

3. At the time of writing this article, the BPTP Park independent floors were open for booking but the booking of the SRS Pearl Floors has been completed and these are available only for resale now. Possession of BPTP is expected in 2012 whereas that of SRS is expected in 2013. This means that the SRS has been able to sell its units faster than the BPTP as compared with the stipulated time of possession.

4. There is an elevator between the two adjacent blocks of SRS Pearl Floors but there is no such provision in the BPTP apartments. Many observers point out that presence of elevator between the two adjacent blocks of independent floors in SRS Pearl takes away their essential character and these are not independent floors in the strict sense of the term. The developers contend this with the argument that since these floors are developed on a separate plot of land and there is no connectivity or common approach between the two adjacent floors, these are practically two different sets of floors.

SRS group has diversified interests in real estate in Faridabad and has multifarious development experience in the realty sector. It has set up food courts, multiplexes and shopping malls, besides the residential projects in the Greater Faridabad, thus having experience in shopping, entertainment, residential and dining segments of the real estate business.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Securing a Residential Society

Security is one of the main reasons why people prefer to live in the societies. Even the well-off people who could have easily bought independent homes, prefer to stay in societies since they feel that these are more secure. The gated residential complexes of the type of Ansal Crown Heights Faridabad, have certain features which enthuse the confidence of living in a secure society to the prospective buyers. Some of these features are listed below:

1. High boundary walls and barbed wires: High boundary walls prevent the outsiders from peeping into the society or even for scaling it with ulterior motives. Since too high walls might look odd, there is usually a practice to put the barbed wires on the boundary wall in order to prevent the unwarranted entry.

2. Trained and experienced security staff in adequate numbers at society gates: It is very important to have experienced and well trained people at the security gates which are courteous and firm to the people at the same time. These shall be present in good numbers on the security gates since it acts as visible deterrent to the elements who have mala-fide intentions. These people shall be trained on identifying the suspicious looking elements trying to seek entry, shall be well-versed with the use of modern security equipment and be physically strong and mentally agile to be able to detect anything going wrong in the society.

3. CCTV video recording systems for continuous monitoring: CCTV videos provide continued monitoring and surveillance facility, keeping track of happenings around. These shall be carefully placed at strategic locations so that the whole complex is covered. Ideally, their placement shall not be told to the residents but it is difficult to do this in practice.

4. Maintenance of daily attendance register for visitors and for home workers or repairs and maintenance staff: In order to record the movement of the people in and out of the society, separate registers are maintained for the visitors, workers and even for the cars of the residents. There are well established rules and principles of their duties which they are required to follow.

5. Telecom facility for visitor identification: The entry and exit gates have the telecom facility in societies like Ansal Crown Heights which are used for identification purpose of the visitors before they are allowed entry or exit from the society.

6. Access control systems at entry gates: Further, at the unit level, there could be access control systems installed which do not permit unauthorised entry into the household. Currently, not many societies have installed these for each of the household. What type additional locking and security systems are to be installed is left to the discretion of the households.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Regulations pertaining to the NRI Acquisition of Real Estate in India

Questions of whether the NRIs are allowed to invest in India or not and, if yes, then what are rules and regulations of the same, often crop up in the mind. There are various regulatory measures which can facilitate as well as prohibit NRI investments in realty sector in India. To understand about NRI investments in Indian realty sector such as at Shiv Sai Ozone Park, it is important to determine the residential status and citizenship of the individual as well as whether the person is of Indian origin (PIO) or not. This article examines only the acquisitions aspects of real estate by NRIs.

Under FEMA, a person is considered to be resident in India if he or she stays a period of more than one hundred and eighty two days in preceding financial year and the purpose of stay is such that an indefinite period of stay might be required, such as for doing business or vocation or for doing some employment. Both period of stay and purpose of stay are important. The people who are not residents in India are residents outside India.
Now, the foreign nationals who are residents in India do not need the approval from RBI for purchasing immovable property in India unless they are nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Iran, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan. But, if the approvals are required by other authorities, then these shall be met.

A person who is a citizen of India but is resident outside India (NRI) or a PIO has the general permission to buy commercial and residential property only. He or she is prohibited from buying other properties. There is no need to file any documents with the RBI in this case. Further, there is no limitation or restriction on the number of properties which can be bought under this general permission. It shall also be made clear that any foreign national on non-Indian origin and resident outside India can not be sold the property acquired in this way. So, a foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India can not purchase immovable property such as at Shiv Sai Ozone Park Faridabad.

Let us now examine the regulations pertaining to the gift of property. At first, the NRI or PIO can acquire residential and commercial property as a gift from a person resident in India or a NRI or a PIO. But, a foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India cannot acquire residential or commercial property as gift.

In matters of acquisition of property by way of inheritance, person resident outside India ( be it NRI, PIO or foreign national of non-Indian origin) is permitted to hold property if it comes to him or her in inheritance from a person who is resident in India. However, if the property is to be acquired from a person who is resident outside India, then the RBI approval is required. RBI approval is given on the condition that the person has acquired such property in accordance with the foreign exchange law or FEMA regulations.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Contentious charges of the real estate developers

Have you ever been stumped by the fact that the actual prices of the apartments are far more than what has been advertised in the different media? This might have come as a shocker to you but this is business as usual for the real-estate companies who would keep on describing charges after charges which are levied in addition to the advertised basic minimum price of the apartments, shooting up the actual purchase price of the property.

These additional charges levied by the real-estate companies become the bone of contention between the customers and the developers. The former often call these unreasonable and excessive whereas the latter such as Shiv Sai Ozone Park provide justifications for the same.

Let us examine some of these contentious charges and what both the parties have to say about it.
1. External Development Charges (EDCs): There are two types of charges, the Infrastructure Development Charges and the External Development Charges. It is the IDC which is to be levied to recover the costs of infrastructural development in the whole area. These charges are to be levied in a proportionate amount and spread across different projects. Then these are spread over each of the unit within a project. In this way these charges are apportioned and every buyers is required to pay these as and when demanded. Often, there is a contention that the IDC and EDC charges are heavy and are not justified. There is often a demand from the customers to the society to tell how have these charges been arrived at.

2. Parking Charges: It is not uncommon to find that the parking charges for one vehicle per residential unit is also to be paid for and the rates for the same vary from tens of thousand to lakhs of rupees. The customers content that this charge is unreasonable because it is understood that that owners do have the cars and at least one parking space shall be provided free of cost. And, for the owners who have more cars, there shall be a provision for extra charges for more space only when there is a paucity of space. If there is sufficient space, there shall not be any charges. The builders such as Shiv Sai Ozone Park Faridabad contend that the parking space will become scarce as more and more cars per unit and therefore, it is necessary to have special provisions for developing the parking spaces. This cost, they contend, is separate from the cost of developing the apartment. Further, they reason that the option of including the parking cost in the price of flat is not a good option since the people who do not own a car would have to pay for the parking. This will also inflate the prices of the property.

Similarly, arguments and counter-arguments are also given for the other charges such as power back-up and the maintenance and security deposit which is charged by the builders from the customers.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why some projects sell faster than the others?

Certain areas are developed as the centers of group housing societies where a number of builders set up their projects. These project are initiated at different points of time but some achieve sales faster than the others. While the early beginning advantage lies with them, there could be a number of other factors which see quick sales of apartments in one society as compared with the others. Some of these points are summarised below:

1. Brand value of the builder: People do by the brand name of the builder. A reputed brand name would obviously mean less hassles, quality construction with the benefit of experience and more choices of projects to opt from. Top brands are considered safe for investments and the resale of their units is also better than the resale of other players.

2. Price and Location Factors: Another important reason for achieving faster sales of some projects is the reasonableness of prices and good location, such as that of the Ferrous Heights Faridabad. If the location is not good, the people would be reluctant to buy the flats. Similarly, the more expensive apartments would mean shrinked market segment which is achieve slow sale.

3. Features and Amenities: What are the facilities and amenities which you would get at these projects and at these prices? Naturally, the project which will have more facilities within the same price levels is likely to see quicker sale. Naturally, most of the residential projects which come up alongside one another shall match their features and amenities with one another and no project can afford to ignore these and provide lesser amenities which the others are providing.

4. Unique Selling or Distinctive Factors: It has been seen in the recent times that some of the projects are still open for booking even though the others which began during the same time have been able to achieve complete sell-out of their units. This could be so because the customers do not find anything new in a project. Ideally, a project shall try to develop some sort of distinctiveness which appeals to the buyers for its aesthetics or utility. The ones are not sold-out might be missing on those crucial distinction creating factors.

5. Marketing Acumen: Precisely how is the project being marketed and how sustained are the marketing efforts, makes a big difference to the the project sales. Advertisements, channel development and other offline and online marketing efforts make a big difference to the project sales.

6. Customer Satisfaction: If the past experience of the customers with the builder is good and they are totally satisfied, they would be willing to invest in more projects from the builder. This continued relationship is further strengthened by the viral publicity which the customers can do for the builder project. The more satisfied is the customer, the greater are his or her chances of bringing more customers to your doorsteps.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ansal Crown Heights- The most prevalent project in Greater Faridabad

People who are willing to invest in Faridabad especially in Greater Faridabad then there is one finest option which you can rely oncertainly and that is Ansal Crown Heights luxury capacious project, a high-rise residential condominium that is located in Sector 80, Faridabad. Some of the real estate experts have been endorsing Ansal Crown Heights right since it was costing at 3000/- per sq. ft. era. At the moment, the company has lifted up its price to 3900/- per sq. ft. and even 4 + 1 BHKs, which confronteddull demand are now being elected up since people have understood the actual worth of this superb property in Faridabad.
Ansal Crown Heights is an ultra-modern high-end luxurious project that is jointly developed by two of Delhi NCR's reputed and trusted builders -- Ansal Buildwell Limited and Crown Group.The project is spread over in the area of 25-acre plot and there is an ample greenery and huge space for every flat owner to relish. The epitome of the area gives healthy living.

They are G+19 high end luxury commodious apartments which can be positioned crosswaysopposing the particular BPTP Sector 12 Bridge. Sector 80 is situated right close to Faridabad’s posh region sector-14 and Sector 80 is just opposite to Faridabad's posh sector 15 and right next to Sector 81, which is a well-planned commercial sector, spotted with malls and entertainment walks. The way sectors 80 and 81 are usually surrounding upwards, it looks like they are going to develop into iconic points of interest, something such as the particular iconic DLF location in Gurgaon.

The Ansal-Crown Group is all set to unveil a 19-storey tower system proper inside of this kind of intricate that is a chunk of 2500 Acres area Greater Faridabad… Coming with different varied areal spread out in 1535, 1820, 3073, 2118 and also 2965 square feet, they are three and four bedroom apartments, together with or minus the further servant area and penthouse also. Ansal Buildwell's Group Housing complexes are usually as a result built to give you the best in high end and also great dwelling.Thus, carry on with right decision in advance and also invest money on this kind of great Faridabad family.

You will be pampered with all the lavish comforts of daily life which are as follows:-Grand Club / Community Building & Spa, Yoga Garden, Meditation Centre, Gymnasium, Sona Bath, Swimming pool, Ample Open & Green Space, Designed Landscape Garden, Exclusive Parking, Water bodies, Palm Court, Artistic Sculptures, Water Fountains, Daily convenience shopping, 100% power backup, Nursery & Primary School. Apart from having the external features the residents of Ansal Crown Heights would be getting luxurious internal provisions such as…Earthquake Resistant RCC Framed Structure, Imported marble in kitchen and all Bedrooms. Round the clock security for the through CCTV, 100% power backup, Fire Fighting System and Harvesting system as per norms. Each complex has its own in-house club and swimming pool as well.