Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The need for regulation in the Indian Realty sector

The Indian realty sector has witnessed massive boom in the last decade or two. This boom has been led by the private players who have developed varied residential, commercial, recreational and other projects. While the basic aim has been to provide affordable housing options to the huge middle class of India, the way the development has progressed, that aim still seems to be far fetched. The realty sector players have largely had their way in the determination of the prices and charging the customers on various pretexts, delays in project completion, non-payment of compensations to people and for a number of other reasons.The regulation of the realty sector has now become very important in the wake of large number of complaints being received against these builders. Though the regulation is aimed at the builders, making them adopt fair trade practices, the builders shall welcome the formation of regulator.

For one, the establishment of the office of the regulator will ensure that the builders work as per the policies and the rules laid down. So, there will someone who would put ensure that the builders do not have their own say and that the objectives of the government policies are duly met. This augurs good for those builders such as Piyush Heights Faridabad who largely have a local presence and who face stiff competition from the bigger players. Secondly, there will be a greater level of transparency in the realty dealings. The builders will have to disclose all their plans and the information about the project before its launch. So, the customers too would be able to gauge what the builders are promising and even the other builders would be able to having a level playing field.

Some of the unscrupulous builders develop inferior quality projects just to make these cheaper than the competitors and sell these easily to price-sensitive customers. Due to this substandard construction, the players like Piyush Heights might suffer. This regulation will help the builders to clearly know what quality of construction is expected of them. So, the ones who take advantage of substandard materials to deliver the project at lesser prices would be brought to book.

There will be clarity on many aspects of the real estate business which will help the builders to determine the course to be taken about which there is no policy framework. Right now, different builders tend to have different stances on many aspects of real-estate business which will get better regulated once this regulator is established.

There are good chances that the vested interests in the realty sector would not like to be bound by the directions of the regulator and there will expectedly be opposition of this measure. However, this step holds benefits for all the stakeholders, be it the customers or builders.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Comparing Omaxe New Heights with Omaxe Heights Faridabad

Size (sq ft)
Numbers (Sizes, in square feet)
Bed Rooms







2 (10'0"×11'3" each)

2 (6'2"×5'6", 6'2"×4'0")

1 (13'10"×15'0")

1 (9'10"×6'0")

1 (3'3" WD)




2 (13'6"×13'0", 11'0"×13'0")

2 (7'3"×5'3", 7'0"×5'0")

1 (17'6"×12'6")

1 (8'3"×7'0")

1 (5' WD)




3 (13'6'×12'6", 11'5"×10'3", 11'5"×10'3"

2 (7'5"×5'6", 7'5"×5'3")

1 (13'0"×18'1")

1 (9'0"×7'0")

2 (4' WD each)

1 (9'0"×7'0")

Apartment Type
Size (Sq. ft.)
Numbers (Sizes, in square feet)
Bed Rooms








2 (11'0"×14'0", 13'0"×11'0")

2 (5'0"×8'0", 7'0"×5'0")

1 (24'0"×12'0")

1 (10'0"×8'0")

2 (8'0"×4'6" each)




3 (11'0"×14'0", 13'0"×11'0", 12'6"×10'7.5")

2 (5'0"×7'6", 7'0"×5'0")

Living (11'0"×15'0"), Dining (15'0"×11'0")

1 (10'0"×7'0")

3 (8'0"×4'6", 9'0"×4'6", 7'3"×4'0")

1 Lobby (4'0"×7'9"), 1 store (7'0"×5'0")

4 BHK+1 Servant


4 (12'9"×18'2", 12'0"×14'0", 12'8"×11'0", 11'0"×14'0")

4 (4'6"×4'11", 5'0"×11'0", 5'10"×8'6", 12'11"×8'6")

Living (13'0"×15'9"), Dining (13'0"×11'0")

1 (9'0"×13'11")

3 (5'0" WD),1 (4'0" WD)

servant room (8'3"×8'8"), lobby (7'8"×6'7")

The above chart shows the sizes of different elements of the apartments. From this chart it is quite clear that the main difference between the Omaxe New Heights and Omaxe Heights is that the former is a new launch which has two sizes of 2 BHK apartments and it does not have the 4 BHK apartment which is present in the latter. Further, there are different sizes for the same category of apartments in these projects with the Omaxe Heights being more spacious than the Omaxe New Heights.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How does reputation help real estate developers?

The first few projects of the new entrants to the real-estate business might prove to be difficult but once accomplished, these provide the way for the next ones which are relatively easier to undertake and accomplish. The difference between the first and the subsequent projects lies in the experience gained and the reputation developed with the accomplishment of first projects which act as vital inputs for the next ones. However, if the reputation takes a dip, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop and market the next projects. For this reason of the importance of reputation, every builder takes care not to do anything which would give it a bad name. What does good repo achieve for a project, say, the BPTP Resort Faridabad:

1. Easy Sales: You would be surprised to know the impact which good repo makes on the customers. This gives the builders a unique opportunity to achieve easy sales of the units being developed, without as much marketing effort as some other builder would be putting in. In fact, this can even lead to reduction in the marketing costs of the project. An average customer is generally unaware of the legal and documentation aspects of the properties and has to rely on some builder or agent for transacting in property. That person puts his or her trust in the goodwill of the builder and its brand name. Expectedly, these two factors are highly likely to aid them in their purchase decision.

2. Easy availability of finance: If the builders are in need of financial backing from the banks and financial institutions, then the reputed ones can easily seek the same due to their excellent track record of not defaulting on payments and clearing off the loans within the stipulated time period. Further, even the customers of the project do not have problems in getting the home loans since the project is from the reputed builder who takes care of all the legal aspects of the project and is not likely to do anything wrong to the customers or to the banks. Banks do carry out their own assessment and due diligence but they are also guided by the goodwill of the builder.

3. Sell at premium: Banking upon the goodwill in the market, the top builders might charge a premium for their properties. So, if you find BPTP Resort a little pricier than some other projects of similar nature, it is because they charge a premium for their brand name and the effort that is required for developing properties as per their high standards.
So, good reputation helps in increasing the sales of units, cutting down on the marketing expense and even helps the builders to charge more price than their competitors. But, it does take a lot of toiling and hard decisions, at times, to be able to have a good name in the market.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Documentation requirement for getting home loans for BPTP Princess Park

If you are availing of the home loan on buying a flat or an apartment such as at BPTP Princess Park Faridabad, which is the case with a majority of the buyers, you need to furnish certain important documents on the basis of which the banks or the other lending institutions give the loan. A prospective buyer of the flat shall know what all documents are necessarily required if the loan facility is to be taken.

For granting the loans, the lenders normally categorize the buyers into two segments: salaried employees and the self-employed business persons. There are two different sets of documents required from these two categories of people. Here is a mention of these requirements:

For Salaried Individuals

1.Salary slip or the Form 16A: The lenders would like to know about the ability of the person to repay the home loan. Naturally, this the prime consideration of every lender that the person shall be earning sufficient to meet all his expenses as well as to be able to pay the regular monthly instalment. This is made clear by the salary slip of the person which states the salary being drawn by the person and some other details of tax deductions, if any.

2.Address Proof and Photo Identification proof: It is also important to produce address proof such as the ration card, passport copy, driver license, etc. as the case may be depending upon one lender to the other. The photo identification proof which is usually produced is the copy of the PAN card, Passport, etc.

3.Last six months bank statements: This is required because the lenders are able to know how many transactions and of what value have been done in the last 6 months.
4.Investments: The reason why the investment proofs are sought is that it gives the lenders an assurance that their loan will be safe. In case there is any problem and the lender defaults on payments then these investments can be used by the buyer to repay to loans. These could be the LIC policies, FD certificates, shares or any other fixed asset.

5.Income tax returns of the last three years.

For Self-Employed

1.For a self-employed business man, a small brief of the business is required to be submitted.

2.CA certified income tax returns for the last 3 financial years. Balance sheet and the Profit and Loss statement are also required.

3.Documents pertaining to the registration of your business, be it the private or the public limited company, sole proprietorship or partnership. These are the proofs of the legal standing and clarity of title of the real estate.

4.Rest of the documents are the same as the ones mentioned above.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ozone Park Sector-86, Faridabad by Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Introduction About Shiv Sai Infrastructure: -Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. intends to construct all projects with most contemporary equipment and technology with maintaining national safety standards. The company believe in strong quality hence reputed architects, consultants and contractors have been opted who can give the solid service as well as timely completion. Furthermore, they fulfil all the requirements of people with comprehensive pricing.

About the project ‘Ozone Park’:- Ozone Park is a decent comprehensive modern-day infrastructure offers 3 and 3+1Bhk apartments in the area range of 1480 to 1795 sq. ft. located at Sector-86 in Faridabad encompassing with all high- end amenities like Community Hall, Club, Sports Facility surrounded by gardens to reflect healthy and plush lifestyle. In this society you can get facilities like in-house club with snooker, table tennis / squash / basketball court etc., multipurpose hall, swimming pool, gym & health club, steam, Jacuzzi and sauna within the complex to unwind.It is located in close vicinity of posh sectors 14 & 15 of Faridabad.The project plan endeavours to deliver high-end facilities and projects to its wide base of customers by constantly upgrading its internal Community Hall, Club, Sports Facility, and Convenience Shopping among other thingsskills and resource capabilities.

Location Benefits:- The Ozone Park Apartments is the best located site in New Faridabad as it falls on the existing Tigaon Road and proposed 200 Feet wide Sector Road. The project is adjacent to World famous SaiDham Temple, Tigaon Road that runs a free Charitable Eye Clinic, Homeopathic Dispensaries, Blood Camps, and Yoga and Meditation Camps.2 Kms. from the posh Sector 15 and commercial sector-12 of Faridabad via the new bridge.Easy access to Shopping Malls/ Cineplexes at sector-12 and other family entertainment such as Hotels, Picnic Spots like Badkal Lake and SurajKund.A 3km. flyover is near completion between Delhi and Faridabad. This will ease traffic bottlenecks at Badarpur Border.Prominent Schools and Institutions in proximity like Apeejayschool, VidyaSanskar World School, Delhi Modern Public school, DPS, Faridabad. Major Hospital is within 7 Kms of range.

Facilities: -Shiv sai Ozone Park offers you various Club facilities for various recreational activities such as Gymnasium, changing room with lockers, Yoga\Aerobics, Table Tennis\Snooker room, Steam room, Steam room, Community Hall and Snack bar, Crèche, Dedicated kids play area, Basketball Court, Jogging and walking track, Fountains and water bodies, Extensive landscaping.This project offers affordable exclusive apartments with provision for 100% power backup, 24x7 security, swimming pool, a sports or recreational club, and landscaped areas. Earth quake resistant construction, Fire fighting Systems, Elevators.

Specifications:-Shiv Sai Ozone Park Faridabad offers luxury kitchen with anti-skid tiles, SS sink, CP Fitting and exhaust fan. Pleasing shades of OBD on walls in entire home. Flooring with Marble\Granite\Vitrified tiles in entrance lobby, living area and all bedrooms. External finishing by textured finish, copper electrical wiring throughout in concealed conduit with light point, Aluminium\wood windows, Internal doors are painted flush door panel with hardwood frames, Entrance door to Flat is polished with seasoned hardwood frames. Thus, Ozone Park Apartments engaged to give the maximum value for money by ensuring maximization of living space.

RPS Group- The Classic Property in Faridabad

RPS Group will be the one of the best options, if you are wishing to have such place where you can live your life by the way you have ever wished for…where you can get all the modern day lifestyle features and daily life necessities…a place where you can fulfil your dreams and from where you can get tremendousappreciations in pricing so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest without having any financial concern because by knowing that you would get the fantastic returns in a short span oftime. Thus you would be able to invest easily with RPS Group because this is the only project which gives lavish lifestyle within your budget and ensures to get the best return in the market. Here by this note you will know more about RPS Group.

RPS Group has been proven since 2005 and has become one of the speediest increasing conglomerates in the field of Real-Estate. Since its beginning, it is devoted to tag its quality in the Real Estate market. RPS Group has been recognised to supply excellence as well as commitment in order to carry out the actual obligations to achieve the customer fulfilment. The Group is an ideal mixture of believe in as well as ethics. Noticeable vision, knowledge as well as connection with its administration within the Real estate Field since 1998 are actually at the rear of the actual achievement of the Group.The Group effectively put in place a number of projects in Faridabad.The ideology of the Group is actually constant development as well as improvement associated with Real Estate sector in general along with ideal usage of space, optimum supply of resources, stylish designs, contemporary structures, high quality control, and well-timed completion and most importantlyat money-wise worthwhile as well as inexpensive costs. RPS Group concentrate constantly about the desires and needs ofits valuable customers through giving all of them real inhabitation instead of imaginings& expectations. RPS Group is actually operating thoroughly using the need to depart the actual foot prints at the rear in the form of the overcoming tasks.

The RPS Group has mounted like a falcon in the real estate industry to build dream homes. With the real estate scenario in India undergoing a metamorphosis, lifestyles have advanced like never before. People are looking for modern living spaces, with a due thorough importance to being environment friendly. The company believe that the incorporation of our strengths and synergy of our expertise certainly leads to get finer results and brings us to meet clients with a renewed sense of vigor and assurance in bringing them the best can provide. Under the banner of its Flagship Company RPS Infrastructure Ltd within an integrated township of 100 acres, named as RPS City, RPS Group has introduced three of its glorious projects “RPS Savana" Living with Nature, Rhythm-Life in Harmony, RPS Palms- Independent Floors.For instance let’s take one of its reputed projects is RPS Savana provides several options as 2, 2+1, 3, 3+1, 4+1Bhk flats as well as capacious penthouses located at sector-88 in Faridabad. It is within near vicinity of sectors-14, 15, posh sectors of Faridabad.

Therefore, you can go ahead with RPS Group and make the best return of your money by getting best household services…

Shiv Sai InfrastructurePvt. Ltd- A Good Investment

When we start looking into various options to invest in real estate sector, we should get to know a lot of critical belongings associated with property such as property location and connectivity, builder’s reputation and reliability, cost affordability, legal clearances, project goodness and quality, locality or neighbourhood etc. These all are such things which matter a lot for everyone who put his\her hard money in real estate sector. Keeping all these aspects in mind, we start getting into different properties, developers and their projects so that we could not miss any of amongst above points. However, it’s not an easy task to get every necessity everywhere. Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. is the one who has come up in the real estate market keeping all such facilities into its vision.

Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated with a primeobjective to build, construct, promote and develop all types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Developments with the highest standards of professionalism. The company is being endorsed by renownedtraits in manufacture and other Industries, holdingstrong experience and understandings into various aspects of business. Theyinitiate to follow these business strategies in theirundertaking to provideclientelessuperlative Residential and Commercial Expansions.

Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. intends to construct all projects with most contemporary equipment and technology with maintaining national safety standards. The company believe in strong quality hence reputed architects, consultants and contractors have been opted who can give the solid service as well as timely completion. Furthermore, they fulfil all the requirements of people with comprehensive pricing.

Let’s go through some prominent projects commenced by Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Ozone Park is a decent comprehensive modern-day infrastructure offers 3 and 3+1Bhk apartments in the area range of 1480 to 1795 sq. ft. located at Sector-86 in Faridabad. This project offers such affordable exclusive apartments with provision for 100% power backup, 24x7 security, swimming pool, a sports or recreational club, and landscaped areas.Sai Park-IApartments located adjacent to The Ozone Park Apartments in Sector 87, New Faridabad. It is strategically located like2 Kms. from the posh Sector 15 and commercial sector-12 of Faridabad via the new bridge. On the other side if we talk about commercial achievements The Shiv Saiannounces a Mall at sector-12, Faridabad by the name of Ozone Centrewhich is under construction now. Then, Sai Vatika, A residential Group Housing Projects having 273 apartments offers 2, 3 and 3+1 apartments located in the Sector -63 of Faridabad, in the midst of Developed HUDA Sectors. Then Shiv Sai offers residential plot in Bhiwadi by the name of Ozone City. The company launches Farm houses at Alika on Sohna-Palwal (NH-71B) Road known by Palm Springs Farms.

Consequently, Do not delay and you should go ahead and make a good investment with Shiv Sai Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Now…

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Era Group- An Exclusive Developer in Faridabad

Here are some points by which you will understand how you can make some tremendous returns of your investment within short extent and that is…invest in Era Group. Era is a top-notch industrial, building and Services Corporation, sound positioned in key infrastructure markets that offer long- term growth potential. A multipurpose organisation covering five companies - Era Infra Engineering Ltd. (Era Infra Engineering Era Building Systems Ltd.(Era Building Systems Era Landmarks (India) Ltd. Era Landmarks Era E-Zone (India) Ltd.(Era E-Zone and Era Power (India) Private Limited (Era Power) the Group operates across the fastest, energized, and most stirring business segments in Indian economy, infrastructure development, pre-engineered buildings, real estate, hospitality & amusement and control. Headquartered in New Delhi, the Era group of companies is sponsored by Mr. H.S. Bharana, a civil engineering professional with above two decades of experience in the infrastructure business and a renowned thought frontrunner in country construction.

Era Real Estate was founded in 1971 by Jim Jackson originally called Electronic Realty Associates, with the dream of using the latest equipment – after that a fax machine - to deliver the uppermosteminence service. Since that time, ERA Real Estate has beencontinuing its modernizer role. In 1973, ERA Real Estate presented the first countrywidehome-based warranty package. Era Real Estate was established on the ground of constructing a contract system based on the belief of alliance- the idea that by working together and helping one another, a solider community of real estate experts could be built. ERA Group helps strengthen the communitieswhere they work and practice real estate.

ERA Real Estate has offices in 46 states and 36 countries and territories throughout the world including: Aruba, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Brunei, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turks and Caicos Islands and Vietnam.

With newest variations that took place in real estate market of Delhi NCR, Faridabad is the real champion among all the NCR areas. With the advent of metro, direct connectivity plan to Delhi and expressway, Thus Faridabad has got an all new charm.

Let’s have a look on Era Group projects such as Era Divine Court Faridabad, Era Sky Ville, Era Cosmo City Gurgaon,Era redwood residency, Era The Arena Bangalore, and Era Sky Ville Gurgaon. In which Era Divine Floors is a low rise residential project located atsec-76 in greater Faridabad comprises apartments in the area of 180-250 sq. yds. in the form of 3 and 3 +1Bhk flats built up in ground, first & second floor plan at very reasonable price and another sideEra Divine Court is ahigh- rise superb residential project in 1005 sq. ft.- 1808 sq ft area comprising 2 and 3Bhk apartments located at sector-76 in Faridabad. Era Sky Ville project is an enormous project spread over 22 Acres of area giving 2 and 3 Bhk.

Now…you just need to have faith and make the best utilization of your hard money with the complete support of Era Group.

Piyush Group- The Nicest Builder in Faridabad

Are you really seeking some good option for investment in real estate sector in Faridabad? Today, Greater Faridabad region has become a hub of various real estate projects which include residential multi-storey apartments, commercial spaces, malls, shops, independent floors, villas, schools, educational institutes etc. Due to all these developments and well connectivity with all the mega cities and conveniences, Faridabad especially Nehar par region has become a most demanding place for investors and residents.

Hence, if you have made up your mind to invest in Faridabad and also in Greater Faridabad, I would recommend Piyush Group Builder. You must look into Piyush Group’s overview once and you can go for Piyush Heights which is strategically located at sector-89 in Faridabad. Once you go through with the Piyush Group you will find Piyush group has ventured into numerous aspects of real Estate and construction. In the Indian real estate scenario, Piyush Group is involved in development of Integrated Township, Group Housing Projects and Commercial Mall.

Piyush Group has been coming up with the significant presence in real estate development and construction and financial services. He has been focusing on the recognition of international standards. Apart from all these achievements, he is being providing time bound delivery and top level quality as well and financial standing was accorded the ISO 9001: 2000 certification. Thus, it has become an identical real estate group in the market.

Here are some more such advantages of Piyush Group which shall insist you to sit and really think about this particular developer…

The Piyush Group has improved its super-built up flat sizes by 9% in their Piyush Heights, Neharpar project. Piyush Heights is one of the prevalent Residential Developments in Greater Faridabad. It is one of the on-going Projects of Piyush Group.It offers 2 and 3 bhk apartments in an area space of 1164 and 1446 sq. ft. respectively. Spread across 17.5 acres of land it provides spacious rooms to all the houses.The landscape is gorgeous with spacious 3 Blocks and over 1105 Houses.The Project is located in Faridabad. Within distance between 0.5km to 2KM from the project we have Nearest Hospital like dental hospital.

Piyush Group provide various modern amenities through its lavish projects such as Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area, 24Hr Backup, Maintenance Staff, Security, Intercom, Club House, Rain Water Harvesting, Broadband Internet, Library, Badminton Court, Gymnasium, Indoor Games, Community Hall, Electricity Backup etc. Apart from all these advantages, Piyush Group also constructs its projects at the best selected land where residents can enjoy the location advantages to the fullest.

Further these are other projects by Piyush Group like Piyush City Bhiwadi, Piyush Elite Floor Bhiwadi, PiyushEutopiaBhiwadi, Piyush Rosette, Piyush Horizon Dharuhera.
In nutshell, we can say that Piyush Group is a good buy for those who wish to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life in Faridabad and are willing to invest an average amount for it.

Omaxe Group- The Most Prevalent Developer in Faridabad

If you are willing to invest in real estate sector and alsoin the state of confusion about where to invest, which area is the best to get highest returns, which project is the most appropriate project, then you can simply go withOmaxe Builderthat will be the best recommendation from any of the real estate expert. Today, Omaxe has become the most preferred developer of real estate consultants, investors and residents…

Let’s discuss and try to understand how this builder has become a most prestigious and reliable among all other developers in a short span of time…

Omaxe Builders Private Limited
was incorporated in 1989by Shri. RohtasGoel, to commence construction & contracting business, the company changed its composition to a limited company later in 1999 and known as Omaxe Construction Ltd.Omaxe Constructions has become one of the largest Real Estate Development companies in India and has accomplished more than 120 esteemed Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Residential and Hospital construction projects such as: Apollo hospital, Birla Institute, DCM group, Amity University, IIT, Noida High Court, Coke, Pepsi, Samsung, LG and few more. The company has completed and brought up 10 projects comprising of 8 residential and 2 commercial spreading overapprox. 5.13 million sq. ft. of areain a short extent of 5 years, providing with 'on time deliveries'. The company presently has 46 projects which are on-going. These contain 19 group housing projects, 13 integrated townships, 13 shopping malls and commercial complexes and 1 hotel. The company is at present developing over 140 million sqft of saleable area across 30 towns in 9 states in Northern and Central India.

Omaxe is the first real estate company of northern India who received an ISO 9001:2000 Certification. The company is known for its pioneeringconstruction and eco- friendly environment in its projects.Omaxe has been at the cutting edge in revolutionary style as well as structure. Re-defining trends and making smart corporate sense which identifies your decision, Omaxe is presenting the fashionable and state-of-the-art Omaxe Connaught place (OCP) at Greater Noida. A new age, post centuries way of life amenities for the citizens of the National Capital Region, OCP going to be among the largest shopping-cum-entertainment malls to be constructed in the region.
Apart from all these achievements of Omaxe Builder, here you will find some other amenities and exceptionality which they provide to their costumers so that they can get the terrific returns of their money invested in…Facilities like play area and splash pool, this project is complemented by recreation and rejuvenation facilities like In-house club with Snooker, Table tennis / Squash / Basketball court etc., Club house is having facility like Swimming pool, Gymnasium, indoor games (Table Tennis, card room) & Health Club, Steam, Jacuzzi and Sauna within the complex to unwind.

Omaxe Builders Private Limited to assume construction & contracting business and completed 123 projects till date for several reputed companies. Some names of real estate projects launched by Omaxe Limited are listed here…Omaxe Heights in Sec-86, Faridabadoffers peaceful and holistic living options in Faridabad in form of 2Bhk and 3Bhk which shall be set up amidst wide stretches of lush greens with a very good connectivity with all the necessities of daily life. Similarly, Omaxe Spa Village located at sector-78 in Faridabad offers 1600-2350 sqft area in the form of 3 & 4 Bhk and penthouses. Then Omaxe Hills in Faridabad and OmaxeThe Spa in Noida at Sector93B brings luxurious 4 &5 Bedroom apartments built up in 8 acres of landscaped area.Omaxe Palm Greens is another lavish project which has been developed in Greater Noida at sector MU offering 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom apartments. Omaxe has many other projects which are in high demand in market due to best quality features and its affordability.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

SRS Pearl Floors: Meeting the needs of a Niche Segment of Population

Independent homes are expensive than the group housing projects which are meant to provide affordable housing options to the people. For this reason, only a small segment of population is able to buy and to live in the independent houses. On the other hand, the group housing projects are meant to cater to a wider market base due to their relatively less price tag. In between these two categories lying at opposite extremities, there is a third segment which is not able to buy the independent floors but is also not willing to live in the group housing high-rise buildings. The independent floors, of the type of SRS Pearl Floors, are meant for this middle-of-the-way segment of the populations.

Independent homes are more costly in comparison with group housing projects which are targeted to avail inexpensive housing possibilities to the people. That is why only small chunk of population prefer to buy independent houses. On the other side, the group housing projects are intended to provide to a broader market base because of their moderately less cost. That is how these two categories lying contrary extremes, there is another third segment which is unable to buy independent home but also not interested to live in high rise group housing buildings. The independent floors, in the form of SRS Pearl Floors, are aimed for those people who come under the middle section of population.

If you look into the prices of these independent floors, you would get to know that these floors are tactically valued to be greater than the prices of an apartment in multi-storey buildings but significantly less than the independent homes. When people go for the independent floors, they have the same feelings like they are living in their separate home. These independent floors complete the aim of those kinds of populations who consider their neighbour as family members and these people exclusively would like to be secure while living in their own place. Independent homes are not that much secured as Independent floors. This is the reason for buying independent floors by that segment of people who are more concerned about the security.

These floors are also popular among those sections of population where there are two or three families and they want to live jointly as well as maintain their personal privacy by being at a single place. So, they might just opt to go for the modern design and architecture of independent floors and buy all the floors on a single plot in order to live together without having any outsider as a neighbour. This situation typically arises when there is a joint family living together on a single floor of an independent home and there is a need to develop more floors. But, due to paucity of funds for constructing more floors on existing structure, they might agree to transfer to the less expensive SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad.

These floors are famous in those sections of population when they have two or more families at one time and they want to live jointly by maintaining their privacy as well as willing to live in a single place. So, they would probably go for the contemporary design and structure of independent floors and buy all the floors on a single plot so that they can live together without having anybody else as a neighbour from outside. This kind of situation arises when there is a joint family livetogether on a single floor of an independent floorthen there is a need to develop more floors.But due to scarcity of funds for building more floors on present structure they might adopt to transfer to the less expensive SRS Pearl Floors Faridabad.

With all these above mentioned examples, it is significantly crucial that there is a segment of citizens whose residential necessities are met generously by the independent floors. There could be other situations and unique desires of people for which these kinds of floors might be upgraded preference than the group housing projects or the independent homes.