Saturday, August 22, 2015

What’s it about Heels?

                       “How can you live the high life if you don’t have high heels?”
High heels can be counted among the first things that women love. Chocolates, dresses, diamonds, accessories and food are other things that follow in the ‘loved’ list of women. But honestly, heel’s a deal for women. A lot of things are associated with wearing a heel. Men may wonder why and how can a pair of footwear make a woman suddenly feel like an empress. Well, read on.

Firstly, women don’t wear them to match the height of men who are generally taller (on an average, yes). They wear beautiful kittens (the relatively smaller ones) as well. Height is not the reason to support women’s love for a higher heel. Many women wear nice long stilettos because they complement any of their attires beautifully. They are meant to accentuate the way a dress flows down a feminine body. Being a beauty in themselves, they also serve as a trendy pair of footwear to be worn on times when women feel like clubbing.

Secondly, while men feel that a women take the pain to wear platform heel sandals just to come across as attractive to the males around, the reason is however, entirely philosophical. Life has never been painless to women. From stereotypes to unreasonable restrictions, women have to face it all. And a nice pair of heel reminds women to filter the pain and look through the beauty of life as a feminine soul.
Lastly, Women wear heels simply because they love them. It’s not a male alluring trick as it’s generally believed to be.
Another thing, women love to buy what they love. They don’t need a man to buy them a pair of their favorite footwear (a man still haves an option of gifting them if he wants to allure the woman). 

In times where women are busy running the world, going out to buy the trending heel is not something that they have the luxury to do. Online shopping seems to be a savior for them.  Now they have the trendiest pair of heels online to stock their collection up with.
That’s what’s it about heels. They are an expression of women’s love for themselves and their love for footwear. 

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