Thursday, April 4, 2013

Duplex Living: Omaxe Spa Village Style

Duplex flats is one of the many different types of variants which the property can have. This variant is characterised by the presence of two different floors or levels of residences which are connected with one another by internal stairs and can even be reached independently by the common stairs or elevator approaches. While the other variants could be of area on a horizontal level and the level of luxury, duplex flats provide the floor or level-wise variation. This variant is less common as compared with the other variants because it is dearer proposition since it involves larger total area than the conventional ones. This is true of all regions where cluster housing projects have come up including the Greater Faridabad area. Omaxe Spa Village flats are notable duplex flats in this area that come in three different total area configurations such as 2800, 3350 and 4430 square feet.

Duplex flats are ideal choice for families where there is a need to segregate either the work from residence space or to house two families of a joint family. These type of flats provide privacy of work from home and also of the families from each other even while living together in one home. The Omaxe Spa Village flats in the 3350 and 4450 square feet area configurations also feature one room in the lower floor. This serves the purpose of keeping the servant residence away and separate from the other floor where the family would have a more private residence of its own. This also means that the lower level flats are more opportune to be used for work.

While these duplex Omaxe Spa Village Flats are labelled penthouses, meaning that these are 5 BHK units, it is only the 3350 square feet and 4430 square feet area flats which have a total of 4 BHK and 6 BHK units without taking into account the servant room. For the buyers, there is a choice to be made between the 4 BHK unit of 2850 square feet area and the duplex version of 3350 square feet. A look at the Omaxe Spa Village price list would show that the current prices of the 2850 square feet variant is less than than of the duplex version, simply because of the more area and creation of an additional level which involves higher construction costs. Omaxe has provide a wide array of options to the buyers by adding these duplex flats in the project. This has further enriched the inventory of flats in the Greater Faridabad area which is already having diversified residential apartments aimed at niche, middle and mass segment of buyers.

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