Friday, April 12, 2013

Details of the SRS Royal Hills Project Layout Plan

When I was looking at the SRS Royal Hills price list online, I realised that that though the possession is to be offered in 2016, the units are not completely sold off. While there are fresh booking rates mentioned in the SRS Royal Hills price list on many portals of property, there are resale prices of these units listed there. Mention of resale prices means that there are investors who want to realise the profits and sell their holdings in less than the fresh booking rates. This gives a good opportunity to new buyers to buy these flats in less than the developer determined rates.

Besides this price list, I was also inquisitive about how many flats does this project offer? Why? Because, this would have given me an idea of how quickly can the flats be sold off given the track record of success of the SRS Parivar group in delivering project successfully and to the satisfaction of clients. Here is what I discovered from the layout plan of the project.

The first thing that caught my attention was that this housing project is of high-rise with 13 to 16 storeys of apartments being developed. This is same as many other projects being developed in the area which are of multiple-rise type. There are four different types of towers, A, B, C and D. Tower A is of 2 BHK and there are 2 towers of A type which are of G+16 floors. Tower B is of 2+1 BHK and there are 7 of B type of G+13 types. 3 BHK in SRS Royal Hills Faridabad is of type C and there are 2 of C type of G+13. Tower D is of 3+1 BHK. There is one of D type of G+14 which is a 4 BHK unit. So, the skyline of these towers will be of different types when fully constructed.

Another important variation that can be noticed from the layout plan details is that there are different numbers of flats on a single floor in different towers. There are 5 flats on a single floor in towers of C and D type. 7 flats exist on a single floor in only one tower, which is named as B6. Rest all towers have 8 floors on a single floor.

There are 272 flats of A type (2 BHK), 770 of B type (2+1 BHK), 140 of C type (3 BHK) and 75 of D type (3+1 BHK) in SRS Royal Hills. So, there are a total of 1257 flats on offer.
As per the requirements of the government, every developer is required to construct low-cost houses for the economically weaker sections of the people. These types of flats are commonly called the EWS flats. There are four such blocks of these flats in the complex located in the eastern wing. On the western side, there is a shopping arcade and proposed E type of flats, exact configuration of which is not yet clear from the layout map.

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