Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why large parts of residential project area is left out as green space?

When you check the information brochures of any residential project of the modern times, you would find that vast areas are left out as vacant spaces. These areas could form as much as 70 to 80 percent of the total project area, meaning that the space to be utilised for the residency and recreational facilities is limited only to the 20 or 30 percent of the area. The developers market their projects by also stating the vastness of the landscaped vacant areas in their projects, among a number of other listed features. Why, after all, are these areas left out as green spaces in the projects, such as the ones coming up in the Greater Faridabad area in the most recent times?

It is true that decades back, the areas used for developing the societies like SRS Residency Faridabad was provided with parks and parking spaces but the scale of vacant spaces was not as large as the present ones. This shows a definite shift of the market demand to live in homes which are modern in outlook and feel as well as provide the necessities of modern living and the landscaped vacant spaces are one of the factors which define modern living.

There can also be a requirement of the bye laws of the state in which these projects are coming up that there shall be a certain percentage of area left out as vacant green surroundings. The government might want to leave empty spaces in the cluster living housing so that the residences are not choked to the full and resources are constrained beyond manageable limits. Thus, there vacant spaces for a vital part of the sustainable housing concept of the government so far as the resource conservation and utilisation is concerned. The government might not want to turn the regions into concrete jungles but would also prefer to provide required green spaces for freshness and reducing the impact of pollution caused due to urbane housing.

There is no doubt that these landscaped spaces provide a picturesque setting and wonderful ambience which greatly aids in mental and physical rejuvenation and refreshment. These spaces allow the residents to live in serene, beautiful surroundings which adds value to their living in the modern way, matching the standards of international living.

People also point to another reason for leaving these spaces. This relates to the need for extending the project such as SRS Residency to develop more blocks of residential units in future by the developer, after seeking the due approvals from the concerned authorities.

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