Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recreational centers in New Generation Housing Societies

There were times, when there were not many flats developed, or if there were some, these were essentially low-rise flats and too few in numbers to be noticeable, In fact, these were the residential units which used to amaze us since the concept in close-packed, high-density living was not much fanciful and people were not usually inclined to living in that since there was seemingly less privacy living next door to some other family. But, changes are necessitated by galloping speed of population increase and planners and urban developers were left with no alternative but to allow high-rise buildings to be developed on the flats-based housing units.
The modern societies such as the BPTP Princess Park are built around the concepts of modern living which also means that the residents have all such amenities within the secure and safe society premises which would promote a more inclusive community based living with international standards of living. Many parameters lead to the development of this type of living, one of which is the recreational centre, which finds a place in most of the modern societies.

A recreational centre is the one which is expected to re-energize you, help you in shedding the lethargy, brings about a positive change, a feeling of freshness and rids you of the agonies and tensions. Since the center would be used by all the residents, of all demographic profiles, it shall ideally be having much for everyone to recreate, entertain, refresh and relax. So, the children can engage in a number of indoor games and sports. The young can go for the sporting and gymnasium activities such as weight training, playing pool and a number of other sports. Sports not only keep you fit and healthy but also help in character and personality development, so essential for making good citizens and human beings. The elder and the aged people also get the platform to come together for a friendly chat. The society parks can even be used for holding functions and parties.

By providing the recreation centres the modern societies clearly understand the need of recreation for the people. Since there may not be these facilities available in a newly developing area, outside of the society, these are planned to be included inside the society. for the builders, these amenities become important to provide since the people might otherwise have the problem in residing in these units which would affect their sales. So, more comprehensive and inclusive plans are developed in order to make it worthwhile to live in these societies such as BPTP Princess Park Faridabad and recreational facilities are an important part of these plans.

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