Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BPTP Discovery Park: Based on the theme of the children

While preparing the concept and the plans for a new residential society, the builders also take into account the main selling points of the project which need to be built so that the property can be differentiated from the others and it also facilitates the easy sale of units. The BPTP Discovery Park, a residential society based in the Greater Faridabad region, is similarly themed on the children. You would find that, in order to differentiate from the other builders, the other societies of the region are similarly themed on different aspects such as health and sports, modern lifestyle, disability friendly, etc.

It is not just that these themes are set for the namesake or for effecting easy sale of the units. Rather, these are many special considerations of design, construction, feature and amenities that go with that theme uniquely and substantially that are developed. So, for a children-themed society such as the BPTP Discovery Park Faridabad, many features are uniquely developed for the children and there are certain design modifications done keeping children in mind.

For any project to be themed successfully on children, care has to be taken to ensure that the whole project is safe and secure for children of all age groups. From the toddlers to the teenagers, the children shall have their rightful requirements met in the project. Kids need to play and it is a very important part of their physical and character development. So, a separate kids park is developed for them in the BPTP Discovery Park. Other societies also have a separate pool or pool section for the children for the refreshment of the kids.
Besides meeting their requirements to play, the societies also have the pre-nursery and nursery schools for the small kids who want to remain in the sights of their families and who need more care and security at that tender age. Having a school within the society is a big relief to the parents who want their wards to be present as close to the homes as possible. Another requirement of the kids is with respect to safety and security. This calls for taking special care in having sufficiently high walls of balconies, safety provisions for pool and sports equipment in good condition at all times. The provision of common rooms shall have enough activities for the kids to engage in. Every single element of the interior, such as fittings and fixtures, furniture (if provided by the builder), anti-skid tiles and others is carefully selected to ensure that the residents are safe and the interiors are kids-friendly.

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