Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Balconies of Residential Flats: Holding out the charm

When you go to see the residential apartments, whether constructed or under construction or even when these are still on the paper, one of the things which you would definitely notice is the balconies provided in the unit. A balcony can be considered as an open area which has a ceiling but may not be having the wall on at least one side. It is a part of the house and can be reached only from the inside of the home. Balconies hold special attraction for the home buyers as these provide the open avenues for the residents to sit out in the open spaces and in the fresh air and have an uninterrupted view of the surroundings.

For the real-estate projects such as SRS Royal Hills Faridabad, the creation of large sit-out areas in the balconies can be the unique selling proposition of the project. When people venture out to look for properties, the number of balconies provided for, the size of these balconies and the orientation or direction of the different balconies are some of the main points which are looked into. Most of the projects provide balconies with bedrooms and the living rooms. Some might even provide one with the kitchen or the dining hall. Further, there are a fixed number of balconies provided in each unit of the project, depending on the area of the unit and the number of BHK units in a living area. A particular number of balconies form an essential part of the home for good living purposes. Care is taken to provide for optimal number of balconies so as to ensure that the space is optimally utilised and there is sufficient provision for space and ventilation.

The direction of the balconies is also looked into by the buyers who want to live in units which have balconies opening up to present a view of their liking. The direction also determines the extent of sunlight which will be received by the balcony. However, it is the size of the balcony which holds special attraction. More space means that it can be used in more, different ways. You can use it for sitting out, enjoying your evenings or performing yoga routines in morning. These can even be used for putting some plants and vegetating it with greenery. The width and the length of balconies both are of significance when deciding on the right size of the balconies. Projects developers such as SRS Royal Hills, who pay special attention to this element, pay attention to the width along with the length of the balconies while developing their construction plans.

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