Monday, November 5, 2012

Variants of the independent floors type of housing

Independent floors are one of the many types of housing variants. These resemble closely to the flats or apartments and, positioning-wise, these lie between the independent homes and the multi-storey apartments. With no lateral neighbours who can be approached on the same floor, the independent floors hold their own privacy and distinction, as compared with other types of housing. However, even while the concept of the independent floors has remained the same over all these years of the real-estate boom in India, there have been some interesting and noticeable variations of the same which have emerged over these years.

1. Independent homes converted into independent floors: The first independent floors were perhaps the ones which were parts of the independent homes itself. As the population pressure on mega cities grew over a period of time, the government permitted the sale-purchase transaction and separate registrations of the floors of a home so that limited land space can be used in a better way for housing more families which migrate to the cities. The private individual builders as well as home-owners constructed the full storey homes and then sold these as independent floors to the different parties.

2. Low-rise, Mid-income catering floors: While the former was a result of converting the homes to floors, the builder groups got this innovation into creation of the floor-system based housing structures in groups. Due to the limitations of the number of storey which can be constructed, these were essentially developed as low-rise buildings, essentially on the ground plus two or three format. Further, since this was a new experiment in those times, the prices were kept low as the target was usually the large middle and upper middle class segments of population. Projects like the SRS Pearl floors Faridabad were of this profile.

3. Mid-rise, Mid-Income and Luxury housing: As the projects began to be sold out fast, the builders found it opportune to increase the elevation of their independent floor projects to cater to increasing demands and also moved up the value chain, by taking a step towards making more luxurious offerings.

4. High-rise, luxury floors: As the number of millionaires who could afford the luxurious independent floors grew and who want to live in the company of similar profile people with all modern amenities of life, there was a niche segment developing which required development of spacious independent floors with luxury elements and much taller in height. With this the independent housing carved out a different niche from the one which was earlier carved out by SRS Pearl floors.

The variations are still continuing as the developers experiment with new concepts and aim to target new niches. One can now even have the independent duplex floors in the high rise luxury segments with private pools.

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