Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How will Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway Affect Greater Faridabad Realty Sector?

It might sound quite surprising that we are discussing the KMP Expressway significance for its relevance for the relatively distant land of Greater Faridabad. Well, let us not forget that every location and place has its own relevance and every new infrastructural development has its impact over a wide range of area. The Kundli-Manesar-Palwal expressway is often cited to be one of the main factors which have affected the realty factors of the projects such as Omaxe Heights in Greater Faridabad. Before discussing its benefits for the region, let us get our facts about this expressway project right.

The basic rationale for the development of this project is to provide seamless connectivity between the newly created district of Palwal in south Haryana (and also to the south of Delhi and Faridabad) to Kundli in north of Delhi (which lies in Haryana, on the Karnal Highway and on the outskirts of Delhi). All through, the route will be bypassing Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad and will be constructed to the west of capital city of Delhi. All along the route, the development of adjoining lands will push up the prices of real estate. It will provide an easy to commute and drive way for the people who have to travel from Palwal to Gurgaon or the north of Delhi and vice versa, without having to move from within the congested roads of Delhi. For the people who come to reside in the projects at Greater Faridabad, such as Omaxe Heights Faridabad, this opens up another route to reach the north of Delhi or the National Highway 1 by using the Faridabad-Gurgaon route to meet the expressway at half-distance. This greatly reduces the time taken to travel from the busy Mathura Road, all the way to Kashmere Gate ISBT and then taking the outer Ring Road to reach Kundli.

The Greater Faridabad residential projects, being low in costs, provide the opportunity to the largely white collar population of Gurgaon to reside in affordable dwelling places. Since Gurgaon is attracting people for employment opportunities from far and wide and including the people from Palwal and north of Delhi, Greater Faridabad will prove to be a closer home than either Palwal or Kundli or their adjoining areas. Further, the presence of all urban amenities and facilities close-by would further add to the cost advantage. For people living in Gurgaon, there is problem of finding the markets and urban amenities in low rates including the affordable medical services. Similarly, the problem with the areas lying close to north Delhi and Palwal in south Haryana is related more to the non-existence of most of these facilities which makes Faridabad and Greater Faridabad quite important locations for residential purposes. KMP expressway will provide express connectivity to the people who come to reside in Greater Faridabad from the north, west and south districts of Haryana.

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