Monday, November 19, 2012

How can builders prevent the delays in construction?

The people who have booked for the residential flats would know that getting the possession in time is not the general trend. Delays of months, and in some cases, of years, are not surprising. The builders are required to offer the possession in time even by the courts failing which they are required to pay the compensation to the buyers. Since the compensation amounts can get really high and the reputation take a dip, the builders prefer to take all necessary measure to not just give the possession in time but also ensure that the quality of construction is not poor. Poor construction resulting in damage to the unit before the possession in given to customer can also win the compensation for the consumer.

Here are some of the things which the builders, such as Shiv Sai Ozone Park Faridabad, do to meet their deadlines:

1. Phased construction of project: The builders might not start all the towers in one go. They might divide the whole project construction into phases for providing the possession. So, some buyers get possession in a year, some others in next year and so on.

2. Ensuring material supply: Shortage of material is one of the main reasons for project delays. However, this can be prevented by making arrangements as well as contingency arrangements for getting the required materials well in time. Since the projects take years to complete and these are mega projects requiring a lot of committed material supply, the builders such as Shiv Sai Ozone Park prefer to have a number of material suppliers who can deliver uniform quality materials. Sometimes, even the choice of materials can make a vast difference to the completion of the project in time. So, if the builders use tiles instead of marble, there is direct saving of material cost as well as labour cost and time which would have gone into the working on marbles.

Similarly, pre-arrangement of earth moving and construction equipment of the latest technology can ensure that the initial site development work and the erection of structural framework is completed in time.

3. Practical Project planning and execution: In order to deliver the possession in time, the project planning and execution has to be meticulous. This is possible only when reasonable provision is made for time lags and delays and it takes into consideration all the likely and unavoidable delays due to a number of reasons. Expertise and experience of project management count here. A dedicated team of professional working in consonance with each other plays a vital role.

All in all, it is about the marshalling of resources and using them in the most optimal way which saves costs and time which makes it possible to give possession in time.

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