Thursday, October 25, 2012

How not to be misled by online reviews of real-estate developers?

Looking for the right property online might take you to the web resources which are social media forums where the different people would have posted their own comments, feedback and the complaints about some real estate developer. As a buyer, it is quite natural for you to take these comments or complaints on their face value and unquestionably accept these as true. While there is no reason for not believing these inputs, you need to be prudent and practical to weigh the relevance and the reality of these inputs. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you might form a wrong opinion about a good project and do not book the apartment.
This is not to say that the feedback would be incorrect and shall be summarily rejected, it is equally wrong to assume that it is correct and does not need further investigation. After all, the online world is anonymous and the identities of the people are hidden behind the false names and fictitious profiles. These might be created deliberately, more likely at the instance of the competitors of project owners, say of BPTP Resort, to bring them a bad reputation but you need to read between the lines. How to do it?

At first, you shall check for the authenticity of the online resource which is being used for posting this type of material. What is the feedback for that particular forum? How does that forum ensure that only the genuine users are able to post the comments? What all checks and balances are used by it? One of the ways to determine this is by creating a profile for yourself and checking out what all is required to be done for creating it.

Read through the various negative reviews which are put on the online media and find if there is something factually incorrect or inconsistent or does it relate to something substantial? These are some of the things which can help you judge whether the feedback is genuine or not. If it is short on details and long on the hype, you can assume that this is not worthy of being believed.
Also, did you also check what the project owners, say BPTP Resort Faridabad, had to say in its defense? Was the defence being put up good on facts or on flimsy grounds? The nature of defense by the project owners can also drop you sufficient hints to determine their genuity.

And, if none of these satisfy you, you can always confront the builder with what is being written online by the different people. Let the builder defend itself against these arguments. You need to have a good skill of judgment to know whether the builder is right or not in its defense or not.

On your part, you need to think diligently and rationally on the points put forth by both sides, as per the facts mentioned by them, rather than having a lopsided view of these facts.

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