Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Types of Land measurement units in India

All along your days of education you have been taught of the metric system of conversion which applies to the measurement units of the modern era. But, in practical life and especially in the property business, these are seldom used and less conveniently understood as against the traditionally prevalent units of measurements. Most of the time, the rates of the properties are listed in these traditionally used terms. Interestingly, these terminologies might differ from one region to another within India, making it difficult for the people to understand how big is the area in question? So, if you are comparing the rates of properties, say in Punjab and Delhi, then you will not be able to do so unless you know how a ‘kanal’ (used in Punjab) is related to a ‘yard’ (used in Delhi).

Instead of producing the chart for these measurements, we provide the most commonly used terms here and mention their relation with the other units. The most common unit of measurements is the square yards, square feet, marla, kanal, acre and bhigha. Most of the apartments or flats rates in the Delhi-NCR region are provides in per square feet of area units. For the independent homes, the area units most commonly used are the square yards in Delhi-NCR and adjoining regions and marlas and kanals are quite common in Punjab and Haryana region. Acres, kanals, bhighas and marlas are used essentially for large tracts of land, chiefly agricultural or industrial lands.

1 square yard is equal to 9 square feet. A 250 square yard is a 2250 square feet property. So, when you see an area range of apartments of a builder, such as 1250-2350 sq feet for RPS Savanna Faridabad, you can make out that it is approximately 125-250 sq. yard.

1 Bhigha is equal to 1600 sq yards and 1 Arce comprises of 4800 sq yards. So, an acre is a bigger unit, which comprises of 3 bhigha of land. Even bigger than the acre is the hectare unit if measurement as 1 hectare is equal to 2.5 acres.

When you are in the Punjab and adjoining areas, you would often hear people talk in terms of kanals and marlas. So, you just need to remember that 1 acre is equal to 8 kanals. This means that 4800 sq yards (1 acre) are equal to 8 kanals or 1 kanal incorporates 600 sq yards.

Similarly, 1 kanal has 20 marlas, this means that 1 marla would be 30 sq yards. So, a 500 sq yard property would be about 18 marlas. People most commonly assume that 20 marlas is 500 sq yards but in reality it is more, 600 sq yards. So, continuing with our example of RPS Savanna apartments, the area is approximately 4-8 marlas only.

Having understood these conversion of different land measurements, you can better understand and compare the rates of various properties at different locations.

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