Monday, August 27, 2012

Neharpar Region- The central Attraction of Faridabad

Neharpar area- What is it? Why this particular area is so popular in Faridabad? These are the questions which come in our mind when we are thinking to invest in Faridabad property. Because wherever we go, we only hear about the advantages of investing in this area only…This region is going to touch the sky very soon due tohigh price appreciations of this land that seems to be happened over the time.Neharpar is a common term of Greater Faridabad which refers to residential sectors 75 to 89 in Faridabad. This sector area is spread over the area of 3000 acres.These sectors start as soon as you arriveNeharparthrough the BPTP bridge. This area is being developed new, and has already been packed with superb facilities such as wide roads, tall buildings, malls, educational institutions, health and commercial centres. It is adjacent to NOIDA, Greater NOIDA and Delhi. Several people are willing to buy home here due to close vicinity to NOIDA, Greater NOIDA and Delhi. It has witnessed massive development both in terms of commercial and residential projects. Several famous real estate builders are investing in Neharpar and constructing different residential High- rise, mid- rise and low- rise apartments by the name of different projects.

Few most popular real estate developers are Puri Constructions, BPTP, SRS, Omaxe, Piyush, RPS and Ansal etc…They all have brought up many residential and commercial projects in Neharpar area…many other residential and commercial projects are on-going.
The government is now getting very serious on developing Neharpar and is putting full efforts to ensure that the area is developed within 18-24 months. The best thing which can be seen that there are plenty indications that showthat government is now focusing on finishing all the pending projects.

If we do comparison with the prices here of Noida and Gurgaon, there is greatvariance. But currently with the change of government in UP, the Noida prices are at standstill. If we talk about Gurgaon, its prices have also peaked and the development work has beenunderway here. That is the reason for spurt in prices in Neharpar.

The proposed Badarpur flyover and the Metro are going to play a vital role in the development of the area; this will make buyers enticed to invest here. According to real estate experts, “presently, 90 per cent of investors are looking for long-term gains from Neharpar. The area will be able to fully grasp its potential in coming 3 years and will then be able to gain a monopoly in the market."

Residents of Neharpar region do not need to worry about their daily needs and for shopping area because there are many malls such as the Crown Plaza Mall, Lifestyle and good stores, small markets can be found within the sector that are getting people’s everyday needs.
In addition, this area is quite safe to reside in from the crime and offence point of view and this is the reason people prefer to reside here.


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